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Cell phones succumb to fashion

By V_man ·
Just read this artilce, A typical example of logic; wear tight jeans to display one's finer physical attributes and then jam your cell phone in the pocket. Sheese....I guess Fanny Packs will be making a come back.

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Retro fashion?

by DC Guy In reply to Cell phones succumb to fa ...

Will the next fashion trend be to roll your cellphone up in your t-shirt sleeve like kids did with cigarette packs back in the 1950s?

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Fanny packs?

by Oz_Media In reply to Cell phones succumb to fa ...

We always called them f-ag bags.

NEVER wore one, never would, laughed in the face of those that did. What's wrong, nobody has pockets anymore?

If it doesn't fit in my pockets, it stays at home.

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C'mon Oz..

by maecuff In reply to Fanny packs?

I had you figured as a 'man bag' type of guy. You know, a cute little 'it' bag that matches your favorite shoes..

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by Oz_Media In reply to C'mon Oz..

When I saw Man Bag I couldn't help but think of Joey on Friends when he had that MAN BAG that Rachel gave him to look GQ in his audition. (Sorry, sit-com flashback, EEEEEWWWW, those are nasty!)

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No, wait, I can see it

by DMambo In reply to LOL

You're at a head-bangin' metal show with your fanny pack and that cool short pants/black socks/sandals look that Canadians (and Brit ex-pats in Canada most likely) have perfected.

Disclaimer - wife Canadian, kids also have Cdn citizenship cards so I'm allowed (by my rules) to tease them.

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I confess...

by maecuff In reply to LOL

I did steal that from friends..

Do you ever try to visualize what everybody here looks like? Well, my new picture of you includes a purse..err, man bag.. :)

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Oh yes! I've got that visual!

by Ldyosng In reply to C'mon Oz..

Thanks, Mae!

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by ITgirli In reply to Fanny packs?

Spoken like a true man.

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I don't care what you do with your cell phone...

by Montgomery Gator In reply to Cell phones succumb to fa ...

..I just hope you get one from Nokia. I own stock in the company, in my IRA. :-) $$$$$$

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Can you get us a discount? ;-)

by jmgarvin In reply to I don't care what you do ...

The Nokia phones are a little pricey. Plus, I was looking at (I think) LG ;-)

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