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Changepoint PSA and Help Desk

By Gina ·
Our organization is going to implement Changepoint PSA for IT project management and help desk. I am interested in hearing from anyone who is using this application for their help desk and your experiences with this application as it relates to a typical help desk/desktop support environment. Thanks in advance for any information you can share.

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Implementing Changepoint

by hveldman In reply to Changepoint PSA and Help ...

Have you implemented Changepoint and if so, what is your experience.
We are planning for Helpdesk, CRM, Projects, Marketing, etc, etc

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Changepoint PSA is TERRIBLE

by nothappyatall In reply to Changepoint PSA and Help ...

I work for a fairly large software firm in Falmouth, ME and we recently implemented ChangePoint PSA. It is terrible, no one in my organization likes it, except maybe the few individuals who selected the product. The software is very non-user friendly and cumbersome, it is rumored the salesman was not "completely honest" describing the functionality. Don't walk away from this product RUN.

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Changepoint is terrible - don't implement it

by rosborne In reply to Changepoint PSA and Help ...

We use Changepoint to support 70 field consultants for Time and Expense entry. It's slow, cumbersome and has the worst user interface I've ever seen. If you can avoid implementing it, you'll be a lot better off with a PSA solution like OpenAir or ConnectWise.

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Changepoint is Awful - You can do so much better

by stephenjdavis In reply to Changepoint PSA and Help ...

The organisation I work for is a multinational software vendor with around 6000 employees globally. We have around 1500 of those employees as consultants or educators. We moved over from an in house solution to Changepoint PSA around May 2012.

It's a pretty bad, awful even. Not completely useless, just very bad.

The thing is, as a consultant, I know there is always a resistance to change. I have implemented software packages at customer sites and users almost always say "we want the interface to look exactly the same as it did before". As a consultant I know that this excludes any improvement, if you really make things the same as before. So I'm trying to be charitable towards Changepoint PSA (and the way it's implemented for us) and consider that the in house solution was well designed for our needs.

Even trying to account for my own probable bias towards the old system, Changepoint PSA leaves an enormous amount to be desired... every day we discover new problems with it. Now, I have to concede that some, maybe all, of these problems might be the way it's been implmented for us, but I don't know that. From what I've been told by our team who are burdened with managing the system, these are limitations of the product.

So here are a few examples:
1. You can't schedule consulting time over the weekends or on public holidays, though you can report hours against such dates later, you have to schedule the time on an adjacent day.

2. We have country level reporting managers. You can specify different sets of public holidays at the country level. So here in England, which has nationally consistent public holidays, this is good enough. The problem comes with Australia, which has different public holidays in each state. There is one manager for Australia. He is forced to accept one set of public holidays for everyone who reports to him, even though different states have different public holidays and so the Australian manager has to manually keep track of public holidays outside the system. Yes... our old system coped with this with no problems.

3. Our old in house system sent confirmation emails when you submitted hours, or submitted expenses. Very helpful summary emails with a list of the hours you had submitted or the expense items. Change point does no such thing, not in our set-up anyway.

4. When you try to submit time, it will simply not allow you to submit time for the current time period if there is even one single day on which you have not submitted time all the way back to the start of the time in the system. So if you don't submit time for a couple of weeks (say you are on vacation), you just cant submit time for this week until you go back and submit time for previous weeks. Now, granted, you probably should enter time more frequently, but it's just another example of how inflexible it is. So after you do submit time, the hours turn green from black. The problem is, it's a really dark green, so you have to look at it really, really carefully to tell it's green. God help color blind users ! Oh, the workaround though is to try submitting the time again and it tells you that the time is already submitted... but it would be nice if I didn't have to wait 5 or 10 seconds to try submitting the time again..... which brings us to.....

5. It's REALLY slow when you use it over a connection with a moderate latency. The servers are on one continent and the users spread around the globe. With Europe <-> USA latencies of a few hundred milliseconds, it seems to be a very "chattery" connection that performs very poorly compared to other web sites. This includes (you guessed it), the system we replaced with Change point.

6. It only works in IE 7, 8, or 9. Want to use Safari on an iPad or iPhone - tough. Want to use Chrome or Firefox - no way. It's Internet Explorer or nothing. Our old system only officially supported IE, but actually worked pretty well in Firefox, Chrome and Safari..... so much for mobile computing... I mean, lots of the users of this system are consultants on the road !

I could go on and on.... but these examples give you the general feeling.

Almost every consultant really doesn't like Changepoint PSA at my company. Without exception, every single one I have spoken to preferred the old system... most have a very, very strong preference for the old system. Our financial team are also struggling with it too. They have a lot more work processing our expenses and invoicing customer.

In short, I would strongly recommend change point to any firm competing with us, because it would help us recover some of the advantage we have lost by adopting it.

I'd give it a score of 2 out of 10. It's not completely useless, but there are so many ways it could be better, it's hard to start counting them.

I think personal Excel spreadsheets might actually be better in some ways.......

It's f

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