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Changing the subject

By Oz_Media ·
Ok on a different note, The Stanley Cup.

Before I continue I will just briefly note that although I have attended quite a few Vancouver Canucks games and have played kamateur hockey myself, I am really put out by how hockey has become so focused on money and internal poilitics instead of a way for a specific town to compete with it's own ciizens against another. Hockey has just turned into a money grab for many cities where it is successful.

Anyway, today I had a client call and make a request that really showed me how seriously SOME Canadians (and Americans I'm sure) take hockey.

I was asked if I could dial-in and change thier outgoing auto attendant message to notify customers that they were closed at 3:30 PM instead of 5:30PM today so everyone could go home in time to watch the hockey game!!

They are going to close early, inconvenience customers and lose revenue so they can watch a hockey game! Only in Canada I say.

Would YOUR boss close early so you could all go watch the game? NOTE: Vancouver is NOT even playing, it is the much hated Calgary Flames. But in Canada, sports fans are not really true suprters at all, if our team loses, everyone says they suck. If they win, everyone buys tickets and says they are excellent.

When losing, the stadium is stil full, when winning they are sold out for weeks ahead.

SO these 'so called' hockey fans are really just bandwagon jumpers who want to be included in success but run from ailure. However, when Vancouvers most detested neighbours, the Calgary Flames, are in the Stanley Cup, people close businesses in order to watch a friggin hockey game. Is it just me or does this really sound stupid to anyone else?

NOTE: This is a bio-research lab!

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Horse racing

by HereInOz In reply to Changing the subject

Don't forget, Oz, that here in Australia, the entire nation stops for a horse race - the Melbourne Cup, and the Melbournians have a public holiday for the event.

In Adelaide, we have a public holiday for a horse race, the Adelaide Cup, but no one really gives a rats about it and we will probably lose the holiday in a year or two.

But to close up for a hockey game?? Hmm - that is devotion, particularly as the sides playing are not "friendlies"

I take it you are talking about Ice Hockey, not the "played on grass" type??


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Sorry Alan

by Oz_Media In reply to Horse racing

I missed the point of it being Ice Hockey. I could understand it if it was OUR team, but Calgary (the hockey team not the city) is despised by Vancouverites, they are the enemy.

Like I said though everyone jumps on and off the bandwagon, I can understand this from a die hard fan.

As for horse racing, Australia has some of the hardest races to handicap and pays well, (except they all run in the wrong direction, kinda like your toilets flush backwards I think), personally I love horse racing, a good friend of mine is the son of Canada's most successful track managers, he now owns a very successful track outside of Vancouver and I spend MANY hours on the mainland at the Thoroughbred and Standardbred tracks.

I bet Australian races a lot from home as I have an online betting account and get feeds from all over the world YAY internet!

To get back to the subject (sorry 'bout that)I simply cannot see supporting ANOTHER rival team enouh to close for the day. THAT'S dedication.
Actually the main issue on this one I think is that people don't want America to have th Cup again and are happy that ANY Canadian team may bring it North to Canada.

I have talked to people who don't even LIKE hockey much but they are following in the hopes that America doesn't get the cup. Hey at least we aren't flying planes into thier buildings.

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ND hockey fans

by ND_IT In reply to Sorry Alan

People around this area are huge hockey fans as well, too much if you ask me. I personally don't follow hockey that much, it's not like I don't like it, just never paid much attention to. I love American football of course, and more in recent years NASCAR. Do Canadians follow NASCAR? Anyway, people here eat and breath University of North Dakota hockey, the funny thing, most of the members of the team are Canadian! Just like the pros, many of the US teams have player from all over the world, so I don't understand why people say that the American teams are better, it's not because there are American's on the team, but because in the business of professional sports, just like baseball, big market teams will always buy the best players. That is why there has been so many strikes in both hockey on baseball, because of no cap restrictions. That's why I think more people in the US like football because their team has a chance every year to win because of free agency and a salary cap.

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Hockey, Nascar et al.

by JamesRL In reply to ND hockey fans

The reason why there are so many Canadians playing hockey in American universities is a) no athletic scholarships in Canada and b) better funded sports programs. The same is true for many sports.

As to Canadians and Nascar, I know quite a few who follow it. I actually have a Budweiser racing jacket from my brother who got it as a prize at his local watering hole, where many people gather to watch the big races.

Some of our older more cranky commentators in hockey also have a non North American player bias, but the rest of the fandom is changing - many of the big teams stars are from Europe or Russia.

We've lost a few teams (Winnipeg Jets, Quebec Nordiques in Hockey, Montreal Expos soon to go in Baseball) due to big market competition and the cost of players. The Toronto Blue Jays were world champs two years in a row before the strike and have struggled since, because the fan base sharnk dramatically after the strike, and there fore couldn't pay the high cost of big name players.


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Good point

by Oz_Media In reply to ND hockey fans

Actually I always get some samusement lookingat the World hockey teams. The Vancouver Canucks are pretty much all there, playing against one another. Swedish, Russian, Czeck, Etc. The Canadian national hockey team is full of guys that play for US NHL teams. Just like the Toronto Blue Jays are mainly Dominican Republic immigrants to the US, get hired to a Canadian team and paid massive salaries in US dollars.

Yeah the locality is disappearing, it's not Vancouver or Calgary anymore, it's who charges the most money that gets to BUY the best players from Europe and then call them the Home Team, whatever.

NASCAR, I have been building and racing quarter mile cars for years now, so I appreciate speed in motorsport but the whole lineup of identical cars going in circle for several hours just doesn't do it for me, even IRL puts me to sleep.

I see NASCAR as WAY too commercial to be considered racing anymore, it is pretty much a battle for the best engineers, not so much the best driver anymore. If your car can go full speed in a circle faster than the others go full speed in a circle you pretty much win. YEs I know it's more complicated than that really but that's pretty much what it has come to.

I dn't mind F-1 as the street races do offer more opportunity for driver ability to change the race. Indy is fun although diminishing fast, but I have been in the pits twice for Molson Vancouver Indy and it's one **** of a cool rush. YOu have NO idea just how loud and fast they realy are until you see them live. Formulas Atlantic, Indy's rookie farm, is OK but still quite amateur in the cars and power/speed.

I am even etting tired of Drag now, you can only get exciuted about a 9 second quarter mile so many times before you want to build something new. I am into restoration now, complete factory resto where even the shade of red used for the battery cables is carefully matched. Winning shows is a rush as it is usually all your friends and helper you ae up against and it becomes a real family type of gathering for all the mechanics.

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by ND_IT In reply to Good point

Hockey is definately become an international sport with many players in the league from all over the world that the sports casters have trouble pronouncing their names correctly. During the winter Olympics a couple years ago, players would play against each other for a few weeks, then go back to work being teamates afterwards.

The engineering part is what I like about NASCAR the most. I would love to be on a pit crew, rather than be a driver, although there would be some adrenaline of going full throttle 200mph into a banked turn three wide :)

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You call yourself a Canadian... :)

by Sullyman In reply to Changing the subject

You call yourself a Canadian... :)

I do agree with you that hockey has become a large corporate game. Hockey is Canada's game, something that the rest of the world tries to beat us at to say they beat the best. I have worked for many companied that have closed early, or given time off to employees to celebrate/watch a hockey game that was important. My daughters school actually had a booster party during the day for the Senators, before those nasty leafs popped our balloon.

Actually many countries stop or close early to recognize major sporting events that are happening. Brazil, Italy, Germany, England, Spain, and Ireland basically come to a standstill when the world cup or Euro cup is on. Canadians are very true supporters of the game, but just because our team is out does not mean that we should not cheer for Canada's team to do well. This is not being a fairwater fan, it's patriotic.....

It happens in every culture, it brings people together, and in some cases acts as a team building exercise. So from a Sens fan ......Go FLAMES GO!!!!

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No I don't call myself a Canadian.

by Oz_Media In reply to You call yourself a Canad ...

I live here but am not Canadian, I am still a British Citizen and wouldn't hesitate to take off a day for ManU, but I wouldn't expect my company to close.

WHat gets me most though is all the people that listen to a half hour radio show of mixed comments then go around spouting the sports news as if they actually knew what they were talking about, wereas they only follow the game when they are winning.

NOw I know sports fans that are die-hards and can accept it, all these other people who just jump in for the victory parties **** me off though.

Hockey ISN'T CANADA's SPORT as many think, the national sport is Lacross. People just seem to think Hockey is Canada's sport.

If it IS our sport now, it might be a good idea to win the cup back from the US for a change then. Seeing as we haven't won it in what, 10 years now? I think it was in Montreal in 93 but could be wrong.

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Governmen can say what they want....

by Sullyman In reply to No I don't call myself a ...

Yes, Yes, I know Canada's national sport is Lacross. But, that was Heritage Canada or one of the Gov't departments that passed that. Ask any Canadian what the national sport of Canada should be or what Canada's sport is and I bet 99% wil say hockey.

Being a ManU fan you know that the city comes to a standstill ( at least slows down ) when there is a match. I was in London when one of the world cups was gong on, try to get anything but a beer when there ws a match on and you would have sworn you were on Jamaican time....

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I know

by Oz_Media In reply to Governmen can say what th ...

Yes I agree that Hockey is considered our national sport, it REALLY isn't though as far as National Symbols, Flowers etc. go. Many Canadians actually think Hockey IS the national sport as opposed to Lacross, that's why I figured I'd mention it.

Yes, I watched England play Spain in geez, 77? or near there, what a blast!! Man, there's a party crowd that puts our concerts and sports bashes to shame. Canadians feel they are sports fans, go to Europe, as you know it is a VERY big deal there. England has always fought for national victory with the all for one and one for all idea, since WWII anyway, that really brought people and pride together.

THat's about the only time your hear British raving about how great Britain is though, a good football match!

Damn I wish I could get out of here for a year or so, I have so much going on overseas but so many obligations here that I don't know how to divide my time anymore. I may just pack in North America and move back next year, but that's what I hoped to do THIS year. BC's so awesome and my little corner of the map is so stunning I don't know how I'd live without it though.

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