Cheapest bootcamps in Goa

By johnsonked ·
I am a part-time technician, just wanted to upgrade and get certified. I wanted to do an offshore certification from goa. so which is the cheapest bootcamps offering institute in goa India?

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by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Cheapest bootcamps in Goa

By the time you've paid for the flight, accomodation, and the camp, HTF is the bootcamp cost going to make a difference?

Stop with the IT stuff, remedial course in basic finance is required.

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by santeewelding In reply to Huh

Not to get you a thumb.

Appropriate, though.

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Rarely get them when I'm polite and helful so

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Guaranteed

**** it.

Has all the hallmarks of a spam post to advertise boot camps anyway.

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Not completely true, Tony

by neilb@uk In reply to Huh

From some of these places you can get the whole deal, including hotel, meals and flights for half of the cost of a course around the corner. Just depends if you're up to holidaying alone for three or four weeks with only the Goan beaches to while away your spare time when not studying.

I suppose that liking curry is good, too.

First one that I Googled, MCITP Enterprise Administrator - Server 2008, fast-track, 21 days budget hotel for 3K pounds. 5-star hotel takes it up to 5K.

I don't know if flights were included but flights to GOA aren't that expensive.

I'd give it a go if I ever need a cert but then I do rather like curry.


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I'd love to go to Goa

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Not completely true, Tony

Can't say I'd want to spoil my holiday with all that technical crap though.

And I'd combat loneliness with dusky maidens if I managed to dodge taking the missus, so I'd probably need to take more spending money...

3 - 5k, course boot camp admins are so valuable that cost will be recouped in short order....

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"boot camp admins are so valuable"

by neilb@uk In reply to I'd love to go to Goa

Do I detect a slight note of sarcasm, there? Surely not.


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CED Solutions

by hinkleyj In reply to Cheapest bootcamps in Goa

One of the guys that I work with went to India to get certified. He did come back certified but this specific training center only taught him the test. One of my other coworkers, went to the same center and never got certified. He said that they were going too fast and just telling him what he needed to learn for the exam.

I went to CED solutions in Georgia; it was the perfect mix of learning and getting certified. They understand that they can't make you an expert in a week; that takes time and experience. But they taught you what you needed to know to pass the exam but you also understood why the answer is correct.

I would highly recommend them!

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