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Check out the TechRepublic Community Roadshow!

By Jay Garmon Contributor ·
On Friday, Feb. 25, the diabolical minds behind the TechRepublic Discussion Center and Technical Q&A will be hosting a free, TR members-only event in Cincinnati, Ohio. Think of it as a "live action" discussion thread, with continental breakfast included. So, is this idea crazy enough to work, or just plain crazy? Share your thoughts in this discussion!

I know what you're thinking: "I don't live anywhere near Cincinnati, what good does this do me?"

This event is a trial balloon, designed to determine whether there is enough interest to start a full-fledged TR Community Roadshow Tour. Thus, if you can't come to the Cincy tour stop, use this thread to post the questions or comments you would have asked had we come to your town. Beyond that, we'd like to know where to take our act next, and what topics we should cover. Post appropriate suggestions in this space as well.

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A Question

by Packratt In reply to Check out the TechRepubli ...

So, how's the labor market down there in Cinci? Should I consider it as the next stop for my nomadic family and myself?

Good luck to you all, and have fun.

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Labor market great if you like being unemployed or working for nothing

by Juanita Marquez In reply to A Question

People in Cincinnati are getting laid off left and right, and the pay rate for tech jobs is lower than standard market value, or even Cleveland and Columbus. I know, I've been trying to get back into Desktop Support for 2 years after a downsize at my old company and have had to compete with literally 200-400 other applications. Help desk jobs are getting paid $10/hour and people are actually taking them. There are too many tech people in the area to support the needs and that is driving things down for us all, and overworking the ones that have a real job. Of all the techs I know that lost their jobs, none are currently working in the tech field - they, like I, have had to take other positions to pay the bills. The place I'm currently working at has an all-temp IT force, and I'm hoping to at least break into there so I can keep up my skills and get a permanent job when I get the opportunity.

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by Packratt In reply to Labor market great if you ...

Thanks for the info.

Good luck out there, we all need it.

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good idea

by apotheon In reply to Check out the TechRepubli ...

If I could afford the time away, I'd probably even make the trip (from Florida).

Suggestion: Do it in Tampa, instead.

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by house In reply to Check out the TechRepubli ...

That's pretty cool, but I won't be able to make it out to Ohio. You should stream and broadcast the conference. I wish that it wasn't so far, and that I had the time to go.

Where to go? if you are going to hit Canada even once, then I would suggest either Ottawa or Toronto. What? There are other Provinces besides Ontario? Sorry... cross-Canada inside joke - might instigate negative feedback - I'm just kidding folks.


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There will be a companion Webcast...

by Jay Garmon Contributor In reply to Jay,

...but it won't be live. We'll edit together something juicy out of all the live feedback we capture at the event, and post it in pretty short order. If there's something you would have said at the Toronto tour stop, however, throw it in there now. We'll be injecting Web-submitted comments into the discourse.


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When is Toronto??

by JamesRL In reply to There will be a companion ...

I don't see anything in your original post with the dates - am I missing something?


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The Toronto stop is hypothetical

by Jay Garmon Contributor In reply to When is Toronto??

I was suggesting an "if there was a Toronto stop, what would you ask there" prompt. Cincinnati has to be a success before we get approval to actually set up a tour schedule.


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I'll be in Cleveland, Ohio - Prentice-hall IT conference

by Matthew Moran In reply to Check out the TechRepubli ...

Interesting concept! It is similar to one that I floated with a few years ago. I think, if a major site like techrepublic, promoted and hosted local IT discussion groups it could catch on. I developed a model for their promotion and agenda development. I think career minded technologist could benefit greatly.

If it were a day later I might make the commute. I am presenting, The Value-added Technologist, at a Prentice-hall IT conference for college instructors and program directors in Cleveland, Ohio that same day.

Matthew Moran
The IT Career Builder's Toolkit (Cisco Press)

Blogs: Notes From The Toolshed

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Is there a link...

by Salamander In reply to Check out the TechRepubli ... the tour details?

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