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Check this out. (talk about technology and privacy rights!)

By TomSal ·
I was pretty un-nerved by this demonstration I found at

If this is where we are headed in the USA that is just plain scary. Take a look (make sure you have audio or else you won't get the full effect of how absurd this is).

I'd like to see people's thoughts on this after they watch it. I can't believe this is what the goverment has in mind, or I should said I don't want to believe it. This is just messed up.

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Pizza Video

by BFilmFan In reply to Check this out. (talk abo ...

I had a friend send that to me about 3 years ago, so it has been drifting about the Internet for a bit.

And frankly what I saw in that video was private companies using our personal information against us.

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NOt too mention the hideous had on the phone

by Oz_Media In reply to Pizza Video

Obviously it was an example but if anyone actually started makign such comments regarding MY personal informationI would have them canned in no time.

Her comments and questions wer completely irrelevant to the job she was performing, her snide comments are grounds for instant dismissal, in this country anyway, no matter HOW much informatio she had in frint of her, she was still way out of line and it wouldn't stick.

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Another one?

by Oz_Media In reply to Check this out. (talk abo ...

This issue has been dragged abou tfor some time now.

Firstly, you just don't deal with large impersonal companies that need your data on file for their 'system'. Pay in cash, not credit card, use the credit for for emergencies, as it is usually originally intended.

I have called a Pizza place (when in Vancouver) that asks for the phone number so you are recalled in their database. You have the ability to refuse your information is entered OR simpy call a smaller pizza joint, foods usually better too, compared to the Pan-ofcrap-olis, or Dominosey (they always want to much info for their databse and their pizza doesn't compete anyway.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg and I know Pizza isn't the issue here.

This is just another issue that allows us outsiders to look at the US as not really being FREE Whether living in England or Canada, I have never seen the US or it's citizens as having more freedom than me. In fact, in most cases I see the government being in your face daily as something that would STRIP me of any feeling of freedom I actually did have.

I would take a communist, socialist, lefty looney country over one where the government dominates my daily life ANY day of the week. I don't have the government to deal with, once a year they hear from me (if not every two or three depending on residual income)at tax time.

As of this time last year, the Canadian government had almost completely lost me until I decided to check in and tell them who I was and where I was living now, due to some medical issues with family where I needed to be reached and they didn't have a record of me being here. I literally disappeared from the system, it was kinda cool actually!

So when I look at our US peers debating freedom and civil rights, constitutional laws being breached, the pres is on TV and news day in day out. Everyone is concerned about the government's NEXT move stripping them of freedom and becoming a big brother in the USA.

Im Canada we check in, see you next year. Sure they have info on people, it is caled intelligence. It may be used for all kinds of things, but I have yet to notice any repression or control of my daily life due to it.

I live a free life, free of government concerns, free of political concerns. We have strong laws surrounding employee rights and that support the employee more than the corporation. It leaves one thing for me to focus on, MY LIFE.

I would consider THAT freedom.

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This is an honest question....

by cp7212 In reply to Another one?

Don't they tax the heck out of you up in Canada? I went to a burger joint restaurant in Toronto and the prices started out all right, but after they slammed that PST and GST on, the bill was pretty pricey.....

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That pays for

by jdclyde In reply to This is an honest questio ...

Their "free" medical (as uninformed people in the US like to call it).

Also their roads and many other services.

It is high but at least the government isn't burying the tax in the price. When you buy Smokes or Gas in the US, do you know how much of that purchase is tax? They do.

Gotta pay your taxes, and this way helps them get more from visitors to help pay for everything instead of just taking payroll taxes.

Not sure how payroll and property taxes work. I am sure OZ can let us know? Thanks.

(not a slam on Canada, it's medical, or its tax system. More a slam on the dumb dumbies in the US that know and care nothing for what is up there.)

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If it wasn't for the cold...

by Jessie In reply to That pays for

I'd have started singing "Oh Canada" as soon as the shrub got his second term... I can stand the cold... but hubby was born in Texas, and doesn't deal well with anything colder than 70 degrees F.

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Hot summers?

by Oz_Media In reply to If it wasn't for the cold ...

You sure as **** got a lot more snow last winter than we did though! It really put me off the 'great white south' altogether, far too cold for us Canadians!

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Fair enough

by Oz_Media In reply to That pays for

ACtually you have a good point but really GST is just ONEminiscule tax when lookng at booze, smokes and gas,most are still buried in the price, that's why these items are so much cheaper on an indian reservation (aka'Casino' in modern terms).

The island is loaded with reservations (probably a reason we have government protected forests that the US owned logging companies fight for each year). I know plenty of people with status cards so booze and smokes are getting cheaper for me now.

As for property and income taxes, I believe your income taxes are a little lower on average. Propperty taxes, much as they are in the US are dependant on location of course. But again I believe them to be similiar if not lower in most cases for Canadians than Americans.

The US does tax it's higher income earners (>$250,000.00/yr approx) at a higher rate than Canada does. The average individual income tax in the US is usually within 2 or 3% of Canadian taxes. Yet not exactly comparable because the tax brackets differ ever so slighlty.

A close freind of mine was stunned when he got his first paycheck from a VERY low paying job when he first moved Canada. "I'm moving us all back to Alabama!"

Now 9 years later, he wouldn't consider ever moving back, despite his siblings being there.

He now makes about $19.00/he after 4 months with a large cartage & delivery company where he works in the warehouse sorting and loading trucks.

He has found he lives with much higher standards now, has a nice home, owns two cars etc. (His wife also has a good paying job)

He now says he could NEVER have had all this living in Alabama, perhaps due to a lack of opportunity more than taxation.

But even though, just liek every other Canadian, he bitches abou tax almost everytime it is added to a price, he finds it MUCH easier to achieve his goals here, he has moremoney and all three of his kids are covered by his medical plan provided at NO cost by his employer. His wife also has a similar plan at work, and they often decide who's plan to use to get the best deal. One has better eyewear coverage (extended medical)than the other.

So where he had NO options when he lived in the US, he finds this is a land of oportunity for him and he is happy paying a little at the till knowing it isn't already buried in the price.

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The max US rate is approx 38% the max for Canada is 52% and it..........

by sleepin'dawg In reply to Fair enough

kicks in at a lower amount. They can also deduct mortgage interest or at least they could up till a few years ago. I don't know if that's still true. Of course they still have all the hidden taxes like we do but their money is worth more than ours and seems to go further if you can avoid getting sick. Then hang on to your wallet because what they will do to you won't be pretty. In fact you would normally expect to be kissed at least.


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by Oz_Media In reply to The max US rate is approx ...

Canadian tax rates for Britsh Columbia are capped at 43.7 %

2005 Taxable Income Tax Rate

first $33,061 22.05%
over $33,061 up to $35,595 25.15%
over $35,595 up to $66,123 31.15%
over $66,123 up to $71,190 33.70%
over $71,190 up to $75,**7 37.70%
over $75,**7 up to $92,185 39.70%
over $92,185 up to $115,739 40.70%
over $115,739 over $113,804 43.70%

United States tax backets

First $7,300 10%
$7300 up to $29,699 15%
$29,700 up to $71,949 25%
$71,950 up to $150,149 28%
$150,150 up to $$326,450 33%
$326,450 up to -------- 35%

This is based on Single person tax rate and will also vary by state.

Also if you add in the TYPE of industry, rates will fluctuate again. There are simply too many personal variables for a fair comparisson.

But hey, I pay for the Province I live in and no matter how expensive it gets I can't justify moving somewhere less appealing to save a few percent. It's like having extra perks that come with paying taxes.

As for the dollar, I wouldn't rely on its value.
If I wanted to go THAT route, I could move to England and REALLY earn a dollar worth spending, but the cost of living is nearly the same even with the added value of of the GBPS.

I gave up on keeping US income IN the US a year and a half ago. I just get checks sent here now, in USD and pay the added tax up here.

As for my British income, it STAYS in GB, for obvious reasons.

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