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Cheney accidentally shoots hunting companion

By Jaqui ·
why isn't this suprising?

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Hey he shot a lawyer. That has to help with his popularity stats.

by sleepin'dawg In reply to Cheney accidentally shoot ...

It would have been better if he was loaded with SSG which Americans might refer to as double aught buck.

Dawg ]:)

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American Bar Association

by beads In reply to Hey he shot a lawyer. Tha ...

Says that there are almost 1.3 Million lawers in a country of roughly 276 Million. Thats roughly one in every 488 Americans is a shark... err, lawer.

If lawyers were deer we'd certainly need to cull the heard.

Other short note. Can anyone think of another profession that only creates work for itself as the law, not enforcement but lawyers do? Been thinking about this the past couple of weeks. You have to have atleast two lawers in a room to get anything done.

- beads

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Law enforcement is definitely part of the same racket.

by Absolutely In reply to American Bar Association

The irrational war on drugs is strongly supported by police organizations and fraternities, and funded with campaign contributions from the prison construction industry. Before alcohol was prohibited, there was no such thing as organized crime anywhere near the scale that emerged during Prohibition. People pursue happiness. When that fails, they pursue intoxication. Human nature cannot be changed by legislation, nor by any amount of law enforcement. The attempt to contradict reality is, by definition, irrational.

These lobbies also support measures to gradually remove Americans' right to bear arms. Professional police forces are un-American. We have the right to defend ourselves, with whatever weapon we can afford in an unregulated market.

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The first one against the Wall?

by X-MarCap In reply to Hey he shot a lawyer. Tha ...

Even Pink Floyd can read Shakespeare.

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WMD found in Texas. . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to Cheney accidentally shoot ...

...and his name is **** Cheney!

(Credit to David Lettermen)

WMD found in Texas......

Weapon for Media Distortion

(Credit to Maxwell Edison)

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My Personal Conspiracy Theory

by beads In reply to Cheney accidentally shoot ...

Attention! Sarcasm ahead!

Its my belief that old Harry there had gotten mixed up with the CIA leak and Cheney was simply trying to silence yet another potentially embarrassing mistep with the press.

Upon hearing this I now understand that 'Scooter' Libby was also invited to hunt 'quail' with the Vice President. Probably a good thing he didn't tag along. Cheney would probably have switched to a .50 sniper rifle to 'hunt quail'. Thankfully, the man can't, given his weapon prowess, handle a dinky little .28 shotgun. Next time why not step down to something someone of his age can reasonable handle.

Is it really quail hunting season in February in Texas, anyways? Seems really odd coming from the Midwest.

- beads

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28 guage is not .28

by X-MarCap In reply to My Personal Conspiracy Th ...

Learn about guns before you shoot either one of them off.

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by jdclyde In reply to 28 guage is not .28

that would be a good thing....

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My bad

by beads In reply to 28 guage is not .28

I thought I had deleted the decimal point during my edit. Obviously, an editorial mistake on my part.

As for guns in general. I have shot or used just about everything the US Army has had in inventory from M4 sniper rifles to exotics like MAC 9/10s used by German Police. And yes, having been a forward observer (FO) when I was enlisted "fired" to use the vernacular 105mm - 208mm cannons, MLRS, helicopters (various), A-10s and one flight of Navy F-18s (bombing run). Not to mention being one of the last FOs to spot for the Missouri before decommisioning.

I hope that puts some real weaponry into play there besides a tinker toy shotgun.

With as enthralled as the man is with guns you'd think he would have been the first to volunteer to go to Vietnam. That is given his extreme love of violent use of weapons. Errr... probably easier just to take the five (5) deferments and let someone else handle the puny M-16As. If he was lucky maybe an M-16A1 but he was probably safely out of draft range by the time Matel starting building those.

- Brent Eads (beads)
US Army (Ret.)

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Shotgun Gauges

by BFilmFan In reply to My Personal Conspiracy Th ...

The bore is the inside of the barrel where the bullet or shot travels. The distance across the bore is called bore diameter. In a shotgun, it is measured in gauge. In a rifle or handgun, it is measured in caliber (calibre for Canada). Caliber is the distance across the lands.

The caliber and gauge are measures of the bore or inside diameters of the barrel used by a particular rifle or shotgun.
The caliber is a direct measure of the inside diameter of a rifle barrel. It is expressed in hundredths of an inch; for example, a .22 caliber rifle has a bore of 22/100 inch in diameter. It can also be given in metric terms such as 5.56 mm.

The gauge refers indirectly to the bore diameter of a shotgun. It is not a direct measure, but is calculated as the number of lead balls of a bore diameter required to make up one pound. This is an old British measurement system. Thus, a 16-gauge shotgun has a bore diameter such that 16 lead balls of the bore diameter would weigh a pound.

Gauge measurement has no connection to the variety of shot sizes that may be found in shotgun ammunition. The one exception to the indirect measurement of gauge is the .410 shotgun. In this case, the measurement refers directly to the actual bore diameter or caliber.

In the event anyone is really curious, the measurements for common shotgun gauges is:

10 gauge - .775 inches
12 gauge - .730 inches
16 gauge - .670 inches
20 gauge - .615 inches
28 gauge - .550 inches
410 gauge - .410 inches

28 gauge shotgun is regularly used to hunt birds, such as pheasant, quail. They are also used in sport shooting for skeet.

The legal hunting seasons and bag limits for the state of Texas are listed at

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