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Chirac disses English Food

By Montgomery Gator ·,2933,161568,00.html

I have been to England, and I must disagree. I love the food while I was there, the Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding, Fish and Chips, Bangers and Mash, Pasties, Scones, etc.

Can we kick Chirac and France out of the G-8 and off the UN Security Council? No one outside of France considers them of importance, anyway.

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I wish.

by ITgirli In reply to Chirac disses English Foo ...

And he said England was the worst after Finland. Makes me wonder about Finnish food.
But I wish we could kick them out. I refuse to drink french wine. And my stomach refuses french cheese. I think France has the worst food. Stinky cheese and snails. oh yeah. That just makes my mouth water. SPEW!!!

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by Dr Dij In reply to I wish.

has less restrictive laws on food establishments, i.e. I think they don't need a 'permit' from health dept to sell food. There was a story of eatery that had their water disconnected and they were still able to sell food.

So the ok establishments are still there but there are apparently more marginal/ bad places healthwise. And it showed inside some of these places. Was really awful. I forget whether it was a special on NGC or maybe 60 minutes.

Or maybe they just weren't serving snails..

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You're right

by Oz_Media In reply to England

England has VERY lax restaurant laws, they are getting better though as is the diet in England.

It used to be fat fried in fat and covered in fat and then topped with lard. But people droppe dlike flies at an early age for too many years and the cuisine is more diverse now, though I still love bangers and mash or a good fry-up in the morning.

So while thigs ARE improving with diet and health regulations, they still have a long way to go before they meet North American standards.

Some of the old chippies have rats that are like permanent, FAT, residents. Just like someone having their pet dog at a news stand.

But as far as F&C goes, there is NOTHING that touches a ood greasy pile of chips on a slab of fresh fish deep fired in grease. mmmmmm.

Now I want to go back to BC and stop at a really good F&C hop I know! Damn, gonna have to put down the notebook and go venture out for some grub. My partners are still in meetings with a local promoter, I was too hung over to go myself.

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try vera's

by Jaqui In reply to You're right

burger shack with the works on them

~wiping drool~
4 locations, west 4th, davie near burrard, davie and denman and the 25st street pier in west van.

at about 10 bucks for a burger alone it seems pricy, but boy do they taste great.

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You're right! they rock!

by Oz_Media In reply to try vera's

I used to live on Comox years back (the old English Bat Fireworks days, before Symphony of Fire) WOW those were parties, it's too busy for fireworks down there now, half a million people on one beach just does my head in.

Have you ever had KINGS Fish & Chips on 71th and Hudson (Marpole)? THAT is the closest to the real thing I've seen in Canada. Pajo's in Steveston wharf is second I'd say. not that Dump that took over the porn store on Granville and 70th though, that's just nasty!

Wow and to think I just went for dinner!? yet I am still infatuated with food!

Ever tried that plac ein downtown New West for Burgers, Buerger Heaven? It's a lot like Vera's but only about $8.00 a plate.

The othr place that was great in the bent end was a cool pizza place, about $4.00+ per slice but they had really cool pizza toppings, Fresh Salmon chunks, Lamb and all kinds of stuff that really was surprisingly good on pizza.

Another pizza plae opened up in it's place, some other gourmet pizza place but it wasn't as good,don't know what's there nowadays. (Just before the Davie St. alley on the East side of Denman).

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Hmmm you could be right

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to You're right

Salmonella Sid used to run the works canteen but after he poisoned the 2-10 shift(including me the b@st@rd), he went to Spain where they were less stuffy about that sort of thing.

I fail to see the problem with snails, lamb kidneys and frog's legs etc in french cuisine, after all once you've boiled them in six bulbs of garlic you can't taste what your are eating anyway.

North american food standards are already in place in the UK, you can go eat re-constituted potato flour segments with a depressingly small unnutritonal cow scraping on tasteless bread with a modicum of limp green stuff just about anywhere, and off a clean table too.

Now if you want Roast Beef and Yorshire Pudding with new potatoes, a vegetable julienne in a rich gravy, followed by steamed treacle pudding with lashings of custard, you have to turn up at my house three weeks on Sunday.
Oh and being a tyke the yorkshire puddings are huge things served as a starter, with onion gravy.
Not a spec of garlic, though.

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Be careful

by Oz_Media In reply to Hmmm you could be right

I will take you up on that one day!

Uorkshires from a Yorkshireman? You 've GOT to be kidding?!?!? Well it's just over 5 grand each way for me, I only fly BA 1st class to England now after being spolied a couple of times. But every time I plan on getting back and catching up with all the band issues and seeing faces again, I end up going camping in the BC mountains and forget all about it.

Can't get me away in the summer and I don't like British winter, too wet and you seem to be getting more snow than we do in recent years. BRRRRR, I'm in Canadia, not an Igloo! (that's just what people think about Canada, shhhhhhh, it keeps the riff raff out)

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Don't mind the cold me

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Be careful

Always fancied a trip to the poles, especially antartica. Saw a program on the canadian tundra and another one for fishing in alska, looked great apart from avoiding the bears.

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ok ok ok...what the **** is a banger?

by TomSal In reply to You're right

Yes, this american who never flew over the atlantic ocean (but has flown over the wants to know what are "bangers"...I'm assuming the "mash" part is mashed potatoes?

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An English sausage (a soss)

by neilb@uk In reply to ok ok ok...what the hell ...

Sausages in England are, under EU guidelines, classed as "packing materials". The closest US approximation for the filling are breakfast patties but they contain far too much meat and far too little rusk to be truly a match.

English haute cuisine and hangover cures:

Soss, chips and beans
Soss, bacon, chips and beans
Soss, bacon, egg, chips, tomatoes, (mushrooms, black pudding) beans and fried slice is the traditional post-pissup brunch.

Recipe from Jamie Oliver:

Take a huge frying pan (skillet? where did you get that word from?)and start cooking some good English sausage - Cumberland is good - and add some organic back bacon (none of this streaky crap), halves of tomatoes, large mushroom caps, black (blood) pudding. Add ingredients appropriately until the frying pan is packed full and sizzling gaily. Turn everything over in its turn. Bind the whole lot together by carefully adding several free-range eggs. Finish under the grill to cook the top of the eggs. Serve in large wedges with chips and baked beans.

How can Chrirac diss this?


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