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    Cleared CMOS


    by dougvonrodenstein115 ·

    I ran a program called clrcmos and now can’t get video or A: drive to respond on power up. How can I do anything w/o video or A:? Monitor remains in sleep mode?, yellow light after initial green for about 1sec after power up.

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      Two ways

      by guruofdos ·

      In reply to Cleared CMOS

      Open the system, move the CMOS clear jumper to the clear position (check your mobo manual or manufacturers web-site) for a minute, then move it back and try to re-boot.

      Secondly, hold down the shift key while powering up.

      Half the problems I find when fixing computers are caused by people who download a utility, not knowing how to use it properly and under what circumstances, and then doing something drastic to their system. In extreme cases (BIOS updates that fail), this requires ‘power on’ hot swapping of BIOS chips or some other serious fiddling around.

      Are you SURE the utility is what it says? Where did you get it from? It may be a program explicitly designed to flash a BIOS chip and not just a utility to clear the CMOS memory!

      As anyone on here will tell you, if you are NOT sure…LEAVE IT ALONE!!! A little knowledge is a VERY DANGEROUS thing…especially at system firmware level!

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