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Client questioning my time

By mbg1967 ·
I have been contracted to provide a network upgrade solution for a local bank.

Network hardware: One Dell Power Edge 600SC, 2.4GHz P4, 1GB RAM, 4-100GB HDs (RAID 5), AD, no SP4, 8 PCs running Windows 95 (yes, it's true) and 2 PCs running Windows XP Pro SP1. (By the way, this server remains logged on as Administrator, has no A/V whatsoever and is only protected by a couple of keys and their naive trust in their employees.)

Infrastructure is adequate but needs to be arranged neater. They have two racks but are not using them. All CAT5 cabling goes directly from PCs/Thin Clients to the single 24-port switch.

There are 2 hubs in use, one for some of the thin clients in the drive-thru and the other connecting 2 of the Win95 PCs.

They are using a single Win95 PC to handle all of their email, which remains on and all users have access to all emails coming and going.

All of their banking apps are hosted off-site by a company that appears to have control of their router, thus their ability to get online, so none of their hardware has been updated in almost 3 years. (I know, hard to believe ain't it?)

They were audited last August and told that they had until this June to upgrade their network in order to pass the federal banking regulation's requirements. I was contacted in March and have been working on this project for the past 5 weeks.
Now they are acting like they need it done yesterday. They ordered 12 new Dell Optiplex PCs which I have setup and installed A/V on so that I can download the latest Windows updates. I have added one PC to the domain and have transferred some apps and data over to the new PC in order to test for compatibility. I have also done the usual configuration settings necessary for a new PC, just so you know.

Should I go into detail explaining the "dark magic" of a network technician in order to justify my existence or is that something better left unstated?

What would you do if you were in my shoes?

Please advise.

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by CG IT In reply to Client questioning my tim ...

what's your contract schedule say? if they want to change something in the contract [schedule] then you should provide a proposal and cost for the change order [accelerating the work] and the contract be modified for the change.

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by R. A. Caluste In reply to Client questioning my tim ...

No, as they are your stakeholders, they should be aware of the time table for the project. Indicate the time you started the project, the time it took to acquire the necessary updates, the time it will take to update the software, and the time it will take to finish the configuration, together with the necessary training for their employees. You should indicate the milestones for each tasks so that they'll have an idea where they stand in the project timeline. You can present it in a Gantt Chart so they'll understand better.

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