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Client Roaming Profiles

By westk ·
I am a network administrator for a small to medium size company running Windows 2000 on 20 servers. Most of our users are running Windows 2000 Professional but we still have some Windows 98 and Windows 95 clients. Here is my problem, when users are setup with roaming profiles and the profile folders are created automatically upon the users login, I can view the contents of some users folders, but when attempting to view
others I am getting an access denied message. I have checked the properties security tab on the users I can view and noticed that the Everyone group has full permission and the allow inheritable permissions from parent to propagate to this object box is selected. When I select advanced and go to the owners tab I can see that the user is the owner of the folder. When I login using the username of one of the users folder I can?t view and go to the properties security tab I see that the System Group has full control and the user has full control. Also the allow inheritable permissions from parent to propagate to this object box is not selected and the Administrator is the owner of the folder. My question is why are the permissions and ownership being setup differently for different user accounts.
Also another problem I am having is how do you as an administrator compress subfolders and files on a folder I am getting an access denied message on without taking ownership.

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Client Roaming Profiles

by JDeez In reply to Client Roaming Profiles

I had a similar problem with roaming profiles. I had to take them off becuase a few of our users had gotten a virus that was in the profiles folder and it kept copying back and forth. I was unable to access these files even after granting rights to everyone. I found that in order to access them I had take of the inheritable rights(propagation) and take ownership of the folder. As far as the permision being setup inconsistantly, perhaps this has to do with the rights of the user. If they have certain security rights perhaps there profile assumes that security when it creates the folder! Don't know, just a thought.

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by TheVirtualOne In reply to Client Roaming Profiles

As an administrator you need to give the ownership of the files back to the owner of the folder. Have the user create a new folder and then have them copy... not move... but copy the file to that new folder. This wil give them the ownership rights. An administrator must have put those files in the folder for the user. Hence the Admin ownership of the files.

Start with this. you'll get the hang of it.

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