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    CMOS Error Message


    by low_wh ·

    Hello. Everyone.

    I have a problem in CMOS which I can’t solve it.

    I have this error message when my computer boots: ?CMOS/GPNV Checksum Bad. CMOS Date/Time Not Set?.

    As a solution, I have changed the CMOS battery to a new one, updated the BIOS version, reset the BIOS settings and save it. Unfortunately, the CMOS problem is not resolved.

    Everytime when I switch on my pc, I’ll get this CMOS message and I’ve to re-adjust the BIOS settings to the original state and save it again.

    For your information, I’m using Windows operating system and Intel motherboard. I have been using my pc for about 3 years.

    All hardware components and software application are functioning well.

    What could be the problem? Any solution you could suggest?

    Appreciate your solution. Thank you very much.

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      CMOS error

      by mjd420nova ·

      In reply to CMOS Error Message

      Double ckeck the BIOS chips themselves, if the are socket mounted, not the #1 pin marking and carefully pry the chip from the socket, and inspect the pins, doubtful the problem is there, but check anyway. Then remount the chip(s).
      Sometimes the chips can be re-seated without
      un-mounting them by just pressing on the tops, but I don’t recommend this without firm support
      behind the circuit board.

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        CMOS Error Message

        by low_wh ·

        In reply to CMOS error

        Hi! Thanks for your reply.

        I did consult some computer technician some times ago and they adviced me to perform these steps to solve the CMOS problem I have: –

        (1) Ensure the BIOS setting is correctly configured.
        (2) Unplug the BIOS chip and then plug the BIOS chip back to the motherboard.
        (3) Update the BIOS version with the latest one.

        Will these procedures can really solve the CMOS problem?

        For your information, I have not ever touch the BIOS chip since the day I use my computer.

        What do you think?


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          CMOS error/things to try.

          by beads ·

          In reply to CMOS Error Message

          That sounds right as well. If reseating the chip doesn’t do it and the settings are correct but not staying in memory I’d say you have a bad chip set. Probably easier to replace a $100 Mobo than trying to figure out all the detailed settings.

          Heres one thing to try if you can get into the BIOS itself. Try setting one easy to find setting other than the clock. Reboot and see if the change is taking effect. If the change is taking effect, you know that the chip is atleast functioning, for the most part. If not. Well then you know the whole chip (set) is probably bad and either needs to be replaced. Either a new mobo or new chip set from the manufacturer.

          If you reset the chip and still have problems but are able to change other settings you probably have a bad clock chip instead. Again, it would be much easier to simply replace the mobo rather than try to replace the chip itself.

          Lastly, and this is getting a bit too over the top. The problem may very well be the Northbridge chip set, the one that connects the CMOS to the CPU for everything but the video, Southbridge. Hopefully, I haven’t transposed the two which could keep the CMOS from communicating with the clock, itself.

          Easy eh? Its really a wild goose chase past the CMOS reseating.

          – beads

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          I had a similar problem with a motherboard.

          by goordman ·

          In reply to CMOS error/things to try.

          Every time I unplugged the machine I would have to go and reset all of my BIOS settings. Yes, the first time I pulled the battery the battery was shot, but replacing it didn’t fix it. What I figured out was that my cmos battery was loose in its socket. You may try pulling up a little on the tab beneath the battery and ensuring a better connection.

          Good luck.

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