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cnt find 23gig. help wit memory probs

By itzthax ·
i tried to make to partitions on my 40gig HD like few months ago with the 90days evaluation copy of win nt server but i couldnt find the serial # so i decided to cancel it and reformat the HD with the recover cd that came with my computer on retail.but now it only shows that i only have 17.1 capacity on the hard drive. i tried blowing off all the partitions wit that same copy of nt server evaluation disk but i still cant find where the other 23gigs went.

i also have 255mb of memory but wheni look at the system information, it says that i only have like 20 something MB of available phycial memory. when i connect online wit aol and open few browsers, it goes to just around 2MB of available physical memory. can u guys plz help me fix this?

my computer is runnin Win ME wit 900Mhz and 256 MB RAM. its an HP

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by madroxxx In reply to cnt find 23gig. help wit ...

You need to make a boot floppy and copy the fdisk utitility to it. Boot to floppy and run a:\fdisk this will bring a utility that you can view/delete/create partitions with at a low level.

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by itzthax In reply to FDISK


how bout the memory problems? will it get fixed also?

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Seperate issue

by madroxxx In reply to memory

No the answer I gave before is a seperate issue. In checking my system information I see that I show only about 20MB of available and when I open some more programs it drops considerably. My guess is that yours isn't that far out of line. However there are things you can do to minimize the amount of memory used. See all those icons by your system clock in the bottom right hand corner? These are all things loading into memory(usually at startup) you should disable all that aren't neccesary.

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gonna try this in abit

by itzthax In reply to Seperate issue
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File System Types

by rcdoferreira In reply to cnt find 23gig. help wit ...

When you created the partition wich file system type did you used, FAT FAT32 NTFS?
If you configured the partition using NFTS file system you won?t be able to access that partition using windows ME. Try using a toll like partition magic 7.0 to access your partitions. You can download this software

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by djent In reply to cnt find 23gig. help wit ...

I use a utility on IDE drives that writes zeros to every sector. It's called IDE_init, if you wish I will email it to you. I have found this to be a sure cure for persistant boot sector viruses.

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i used ntfs

by itzthax In reply to

thanks for the inputs guys... im gonna see if i can find those files somewhere...

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