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    Coarse Graphics on Win98


    by smith.m.g ·

    On boot-up one morning, a non-networked PC running Win98SE inexplicably began installing multiple components that had long ago been installed: controllers, printer, keyboard, etc.

    Among the numerous bugs we’re working out is very coarse display of the graphics on its 17-inch KDS monitor. I have installed updated drivers and re-installed the Standard PCI Graphics Adapter (VGA), to no avail. (This adapter was one of the many items the PC re-installed by itself, duplicating the adapter that was already installed; I removed the one showing an error.)

    Any suggestions on what to try next?

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      Oop, should have posted this at Q&A

      by smith.m.g ·

      In reply to Coarse Graphics on Win98

      Apologies. I have re-posted the question at the Win98 Q&A.

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