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Colin Powell is "black."

By jardinier ·
After a recent rant about referring to "African Americans" as "blacks," I could not help but notice a story from Reuters about the resignation of Colin Powell.

The following appears in the story: "first black secretary of state."

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A clue for Julian

by wordworker In reply to Colin Powell is "black."

Julian, you missed and continue to miss the whole point of why the joke Oz posted was pulled. It wasn't about the use of the word black. It was a racist joke combined with a misogynist joke. (That's mean and disrespectful to women.)

Please, stop thumping your chest and crying in your beer over that joke being pulled. You and everyone else who defended it are only making yourselves look pretty darn silly.

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by jardinier In reply to A clue for Julian

Man, you are REALLY sick to see that joke as misogynist.

In no way could a "hatred of women" be read into that joke.

Yes, that is the single, and only definition of the word "misogyny."

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"Round and "Round

by olprof67 In reply to Colin Powell is "black."

For reasons of pride and diginity, people of African extraction wish to be called simply "blacks"

This replaces the term "Negroes"

Which replaced "colored people"

Which relpaced "African-American"

Which replaced "darkies"

Which replaced "blacks"

Editorial cartoon -- can't recall the paper, but it was reproduced in NEWSWEEK magazine

In the summer of 1968 - I am NOT kidding

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Actually he?s kinda brown

by ProtiusX In reply to Colin Powell is "black."

But then I?m not white, I am kinda pink. I wish I had some of his brown though. I sun burn easily. Now my wife!?! She?s a darky! She?s got brown! Brown is good! For that matter purple is good. Red, yellow black and white they are precious in his sight?
Seriously ? Colin Powell is a brilliant man who has achieved a great deal in his life and I for one greatly admire and respect him. I don?t care what color he is. Martin Luther King had a dream where all of God?s children could join hand in hand and sing free at last free at last thank God almighty I am free at last.
Although I am a staunch conservative who wouldn?t move back to California if you paid me to I can say that was one great thing about growing up there. My best friend was Asian and I introduced him to his wife 20 years ago (wow I?m dating myself now) and she?s white. Our class president was black. I was raised in a race free zone. These people weren?t black or Asians or white. We were people with names and lives who mattered and deserved respect. I still hold onto those values and I am passing them onto my children.

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