Color Categories with Outlook 2007 and Exchange

By mellow52 ·
I was wondering if it is possible to ad, edit and change the color categories found in Outlook 2007 when used with exchange as you could when Outlook was standalone.

Is there a master category list that I am missing?

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No hu?

by mellow52 In reply to Color Categories with Out ...

No help on this one?

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Keep bumping this post

by Tig2 In reply to Color Categories with Out ...

Or at least mark it. Come Monday people with experience in Outlook 2007 should be on the board.

Give it a quick edit on Monday morning. Mark your edit along the lines of "Edit to bump post." That is the best way I know to keep a post alive.

Wish I had an answer for you. I have not worked with Outlook 2007 at all.

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re: Coloring in Outlook - Edited to add possible solution

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Color Categories with Out ...

Perhaps, if you explained how it was that you colored the categories in the standalone version, we might be able to figure out how to do it when connected to Exchange. I've never used "colored categories", so I'm not sure where you're finding them. Are you speaking of email rules? Were you using Outlook 2007 in standalone as you are now with Exchange?

<edited to add possible solution>

Well! Whadayaknow! Lookie what I found! There's an ADD-IN that can be purchased which will add colorization functions to the categories in Outlook. That "feature" isn't native. It's called "Aladdins Category Organizer" or "Aladdins CategorieZ". It comes in both the COM add-in for use when you're a standalone, OR as an Exchange Extension!!!!!!!!! :)

You may have to ask your IT department to install the Exchange part since you've switched from standalone to Exchange.

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Now I have a mess..

by mellow52 In reply to re: Coloring in Outlook - ...

Well a feature built into Outlook 2007 is the color categories and they can be found by clicking on Edit, Categorize. It is native to OL2007**033

Well I am using OL2007 with exchange and have one email account "sales" that is shared so it is viewed by multiple users so when I color code a message it magically appears so to the other user. So this is e-mail account added onto my main exchange account. This all works well till you try to edit or add to the color categories.

I tried and now that account "sales" will not work with color categories. What a mess. Any ideas?

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re Editing Color Categories

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Now I have a mess..

The only thing I can find at MS is the fact that when you edit a color category and use the keyboard to navigate after you've renamed a category (like pressing tab after you typed the name), a space is added to the category name. If this is what has happened, the emails you have assigned to a certain category name (without the space) would no longer have an associated category.

Try re-editing the category. Check to see if there is a space after the category name and if so, delete the space then press enter, then press OK to get out of the category editor (do not press escape to exit the editor).

Other than that, I can't find one danged thing about it at MS Knowledgebase. Perhaps you might have different search criteria than what you've told us.

<edited for clarity>

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The real problem is...

by mellow52 In reply to re Editing Color Categori ...

It does not give me a chance to even type a name so the space is not the issue.

Color category does not work in a Exchange shared account. It goes for a loop. I spent many hours search but found VERY little. WARNING to all with Exchange and OL 2007 color cats. is a no no. The standard ?fresh? set will work untouched but the second you try to add, edit or delete them.... bang you dead. Finally had to delete the account and boot the server to get the standard set to work again but not touching it again. Would be nice if it worked.

Thanks Thumbs!

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That would explain why.....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to The real problem is...

.... I couldn't find anything when searching on both "color categories" AND "exchange". I could find one or the other, but not both, except related to Outlook 2000. Sorry to hear that they broke it in 2007.

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by mellow52 In reply to Color Categories with Out ...

Does anyone have experience with the Color categories in Outlook 2007 and Exchange when sharing an email account?

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Re-Cap - still need help here

by mellow52 In reply to Anyone?

I have Outlook 2007 on client computers on a Small Business Server 2003 R2
domain running Exchange.

The problem is with color categories in shared e-mail account or public
folders. We share some account like
The color categories do not work and causes conflict errors. What is the
reason and is there a fix.

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