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Commercial email or spam?

By PhilH123 ·
I have a dilemma - a trading unit within my organisation has complied an 8000 name email list and once per month will email those names with a business promotion. (The promotions - currently - are just geared to enticing people to buy the next issue etc etc)
The names are harvested by software that records anyone who has emailed them.
I call this spam - as in my view their mailshots are unsolicited, they call it commercial promotional enterprise, which in the near future could be sponsored and therefore bring revenue into the Company.
Their mailshots do have an opt-out feature - but of course in order to action the opt-out the mail receiver has to receive the promotion email in the first place!
Their website (teen magazine)encourages web users to email them ( without warning them that in doing so they then become part of an emailing list), and they are attempting to trim their database of 'bounce-backs'.
Needless to say our ISP took a dim view.

As an computer user, Im as fed up as anyone of unsolicited promotional email, yet my own Company is now actively contributing to mass emailing!

Should I attempt to stop this mass emailing?

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Set up an opt-in preference

by G.Brown In reply to Commercial email or spam?

I suppose that you could send out 1 final email to all those customers on your list to advise them that you will not be sending out any more emails unless they go to your website and signup for a "newsletter"

Or, you could send them a confirmation email with an activation link so that they can choose whether or not to receive any further emails.

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As you wrote..

by TomBer In reply to Commercial email or spam?

"as an computer user" and are vexed by the company's new marketting scheme, there really isn't much you can do, unless the company holds meetings which allow employee comments and ideas.

If you really want to do something about it, you could research the laws concerning this and maybe "drop" it by one of the culprits.

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Spam is my job

by LINKADSL In reply to Commercial email or spam?

I need to send bulk emails like 100,000 email every day without being Spammer .How it's very necessary

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