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Compaq presario problem

By redmonds ·
I have a friend that brought me his Compaq presario 4880 because it would not come out of sleep mode. It powers on but gets no screen or anthing and it has a little moon that lights up (and is lit up when it boots up) to show that it's in sleep mode. i read a tech site that says to clear the CMOS and that if it does not work, then the motherboard is bad. I reset the CMOS but then I saw this site ( that lists a different set of CMOS jumpers for the pentium II systems (which this computer has) but i could not locate this jumper or maybe I'm reding the site wrong. Well, i also found a place that sells this motherboard for $54.00 so i would like to just get it for him and replace the motherboard but I'm not exactly sure the board is bad. Do I make sense? Oh, and the system has a new power supply but it worked fine after the power supply install.

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Wrong forum

by Oz_Media In reply to Compaq presario problem

Another way to reset CMOS is to simply pull the battery out. Some systems take 15 seconds to reset the CMOS, others 24 hrs, so it's best to pull it overnight (poor choice of words, sorry).

I assume that it is not under warranty so calling Compaqis gonna be pricey but you can try their online forum, it's actually pretty good and Compaq techs monitor it when bored.
Secondly, make sure the battery is'nt dead, very unlikely but still possible.

P.S. this is a discussion forum, your questionSHOULD be posted in the Q&A forum, this way you get more accurate and concise answers.

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by redmonds In reply to Wrong forum

The battery is soldered to the motherboard. Can I test it while soldered to the board? If so, what voltage is it?

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by Oz_Media In reply to

Sorry, I've never heard of a battery SOLDERED to the board. That seems wierd, not very convenient to replace. Your battery itself may be OK, there should be two jumpers or solder blobs near the battery (CMOS jumpers) usually marked but not always. Try shorting them by crossing the two points. Best bet is to get a complete Mobo schematic from the manufacturer first so you don't short the wrong contacts.

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