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By NI70 ·
I recently changed my email address in my TR account, but I'm still receiving messages from TR trying to sell me books & CDs at my previous email address. Is there a way for TR to locate where this problem is occurring?

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Happened to me a while back

by stress junkie In reply to Complaint

I did the same thing. I changed my email address but kept the old one for a couple of months. I found that TR email kept going to the old address. I was finally told that there are two places in your profile to update a change in email address. I forget exactly where but look around in your profile. Maybe in the newsletters area.

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try in the

by Jaqui In reply to Complaint

Manage my account area instead of the profile.

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My account is where I changed my email address

by NI70 In reply to try in the

so there has to be somewhere else where TR stores email addresses. As stated, My Account is where I changed me email address. I get all my subscription newsletters at my new addy, but only the "offers" email goes to my old addy.

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Same here

by Rob_Nickolaus In reply to My account is where I cha ...

I've had the exact same issue. I can not find where else my old e-mail address is at.

I suspect there is a transfer of e-mail addresses from Tech Republic to CNET and that is where the ball is getting dropped.

I won't necessarily mind not getting the advertisements, but it would seem that a publisher WOULD be interested in getting that information correct, wouldn't they?

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I'm still receiving TechRepublic emails...

by NI70 In reply to Complaint

at my old email address. These emails are starting to frustrate me, as they're TR emails that are trying to sell me something. If I want to buy something I will look for it myself! I'm probably going to send this to our spam-box so that future TR emails will be considered spam!

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We're looking into this

by sMoRTy71 In reply to I'm still receiving TechR ...

I've forwarded this thread to our premium products team to investigate.

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Still receiving email at my old email address

by NI70 In reply to We're looking into this

And it's getting very annoying, because these emails are from TechRepublic <> trying to sell TR books and CDs. If I want to buy something from TR I will go to the Books & CDs link to search and possibly buy from TR. Another issue, why can't I pay for books & CDs online? I thought TR was a technology website.

I'm really considering adding the TR emails as spam.

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