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By TonytheTiger ·
I just got back from lunch (I go home). I had a ham and cheese sandwich and while I was making it I was pondering how accepting and compliant society has become, when I started to open the wrapping on the cheese, I noticed, stamped into the wrapper: "Open here" and I thought "Why should I?"

Then, in an act of utter defiance, I took it into the living room to open it :)

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by Tig2 In reply to Compliance

I take lessons from my cats who do not believe in compliance. You say "Here, Kitty, Kitty". They look at you like you are insane. You say "Not in my lap right now". The cat jumps up.

As I type this, Minou is giving me additional lessons in non-compliance. She REALLY wants to be in my lap!

Sometimes I open the cereal box from the bottom. And don't edit to fix typos. And once I caught myself doing 56 in a 55 zone.

I'm learning. The cats haven't given up on me yet!

Completely unrelated- Have you ever noticed that a child is the only person in the world that can open a child proof bottle???

Edited for the heck of it!

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Oh, cat's believe in compliance all right...

by TonytheTiger In reply to Non-Compliance
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That must be where I am messing up

by Tig2 In reply to Oh, cat's believe in comp ...

I thought I was supposed to be EMULATING them!

No wonder Minou was so ticked that she couldn't get in my lap! Took two cans of the GOOD catfood to improve her mood.


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You sound like

by Old Guy In reply to Compliance

one of those sicko, long-haired, freaky-type, anti-establishment people from the 60's. LONG LIVE NON-COMPLIANCE!!!!

Ok, I'm back to my normal, routine self now. Gee, what a flashback. :^0

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Acid flashback???

by TechExec2 In reply to You sound like

Acid flashback??? :^0

Peace, brother!

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Oh, no,

by Old Guy In reply to Acid flashback???

no spaced out stuff. I was afraid of that. And, seems with good reason. Besides I'm getting to the point where the long term memory is taking over the short term memory. :^0

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by Mickster269 In reply to Compliance

That's it.

Tonight, I go home, and rip off ALL the tags on my mattresses, pillows , and couches.

I will build a pile from this ripped off tags on my front lawn. I'll then set them on fire!

Just another sign of the man keeping us down!

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Un-huh, another

by Old Guy In reply to VIVA LA REVOLUCION!

one of those I said up above... You do realize that it's the FBI that will come to get you and take you away, don't you for taking the tags off? :)

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by Jaqui In reply to Un-huh, another

I thought it was the FBT.
[ Federal bureau of Tags ]

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They are

by Old Guy In reply to FBI?

the super secret sub division of the FBI. They're the ones who do all the work. :^0

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