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By strey ·
For all of those LAN managers that have to buy their PC's is there one brand more dependable then others? Is an HP more reliable then a Dell, etc?

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Dell works for us

by cavedweller In reply to Computer Buying

We use primarily Dell desktops and haven't had problems. Dell claims they try to have a long design life with the optiplex line. This can help you aquire a fleet of similar machines and reduces the number of disk images you need to maintain.

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by Former MS Supporter In reply to Computer Buying

When I look at buying machines for business, I'm not who's really better. We've had good luck with HP, Dell, Gateway, and Micron. Bad luck with local or inhouse builds (higher percentage of hardware failures, even using the best brands). Keep in mind that Micron had discontinued it's server market, and is in the process of discontinuing the rest of its' line in favor of converting to being a hosting only business. For Dell desktops, I recommend the Dimension line, which are really good and worth the extra money. We got two Inspiron desktops provided to us last summer by one of our customers, and they're built nowhere near as good (near junk in my book). For laptops, I'd look at the Inspiron 8000. I'm also a fan of the Sony VAIOs loaded w/Win2K for the laptops. They're extremely flexible.

Overall, as for which brand to buy, the most important considerations I look at is:

1. Service and support (I always buy with 3yr on site warranty, 5yr on servers).

2. Then I look at who's got the best price that year for the package and configuration I need. I never mix brands in the same year though.

So how's that? clear as mud, huh.

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I like Dell

by admin In reply to Computer Buying

Dell has been the best for us.....

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by ChrisMS In reply to Computer Buying

I always take into account three factors. These are:-
1) Who provides my current server & could they upgrade my existing one to meet my new specs;
2) What budget have I been allocated by the powers that be &;
3) Do I have an account with a supplier who can provide a machine to meet my specs with a discount.

Everything in our company revolves around money and utilising what is available to us already for the best deal.
As for the best, I think Dell would definently win if I had the choice over which server to purchase.

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Get what you pay for

by cajuncomputer In reply to Computer Buying

I agree, Dell is one of the best out their, with their support, But remember like buying a new car, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR

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Another thought

by cavedweller In reply to Computer Buying

I've been following this discussion and expected to hear some raves for other brands (than Dell) (everyone has their favorite).

I agree, you do get what you pay for. A couple of years ago my company went with an off-brand in a big way, bought a couple hundred desktops. They didn't even have model numbers on the cases. Now the supplier is bankrupt, warranties are worthless, parts are non-existant, etc.

Stick with a well-established, major brand.

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Computer Buying - Stay Away From HP !!

by pcman223 In reply to Computer Buying

We just went to a 100% HP organization strating in September of 2000. We now have realized that HP was the worst way we could have gone. Propreitary hardware and software, really bad user support from HP state government and government support staff and parts that die at a 35% failure rate compared to the industry acceptable 3% failure rate. I was able to get my management team to allow me to by two new DELL Precision 330 Pentium 4 workstations and they have given me no trouble at all since the purchase date which was two months ago. IN MY OPINION DELL IS THE ONLY WAY TO GO.

Dan Johnson

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which computer

by ChrisMS In reply to Computer Buying - Stay Aw ...

I've always used dell for servers, thought he last company i was with used dell servers and a mix match of desktops from gateway, hp and some brands i had never heard of and have never seen since, this caused a lot of problems for some reason. I spent more time fixing desktops than managing the server.
in my book use dell for servers and whatever you use for desktops, make sure its the same brand for everyone. DO NOT MIX AND MATCH

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