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Computer problems caused by American Online software?

By ASLtech ·
Many people say that American Online software causes many computer problems. People say that the software drains memory and uses a lot of system resources. Is this true? What effects does this software have on system operating performance? Any help is appreciated.

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The original Spy-ware

by TheChas In reply to Computer problems caused ...

AOL software takes over the computer that it is installed on.

Worse yet, AOL software cannot be completely or easily removed.

For a starting contrast, AOL empowered Netscape is over twice the size of the core browser and mail component (Mozilla).

AOL has bits of it's software always running in the background.

The more programs running at once, the slower ANY computer operates.

There are indeed conflicts with some programs and hardware after installing AOL on a computer.

Another way to look at the AOL issues is that you are basically installing a second operating system over the top of Windows.

Then, there is the fact that you agree to allow AOL to monitor how you browse the web and use your computer.

Is any of this good?


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Run screaming

by Oz_Media In reply to Computer problems caused ...

I once worked for the CRTC (Canada's FCC equivalent) as a quality assurance manager that monitored and enforced call center regulations.

I don't know HOW many AOL call centers (calling to the US to sell AOL renewals) were breaching the regulations to practically BEG people to rejoin AOL. There were more customers asking for managers and supervisors than with Sprint and AT/T Long distance combined. EVERYONE was simply disgusted with AOL.

My best advice, join the millions of Americans who have decided to free themselves from the AOL browser and get with the program. These uys create their own browser that barely resembles a real browser and their customers begin to rely on their format so much that they cannot go back to using a normal browser after a while.

Your gonna be swept up in the AOL rut, find a real ISP and get a decent connection and browser.
Now I personally am one of the brave idiots who still uses Internet Explorer on a couple of machines, but as Chas said, Mozilla is MUCH more resourceful and you will be surfing as if you got a faster connection.

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My 2 cents...

by JesusS In reply to Computer problems caused ...

AOL will not only hog resources to no end, but it will also take over your computer. Unistalling it will not get rid of it. You will need to sort them out one by one. It's easier to just do a clean install of your operating system.
If you have one of those annoying CDs, throw it away or use it as a drink coaster.

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