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Computer Randomly Resetting Itself

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I am running Windows XP. Of late, My computer has been rebooting itself randomly within about 3-5 minutes of being turned on. I've been searching around for likely causes, and the "SASSER" virus seems to be the cause best fitting the symptoms. When I run windows task manager there are several copies of 'svchost.exe' running all at once. I have tried ending these processes and using the 'shutdown -a' command in the windows command prompt when the infamous "your computer will shut down in 60 seconds" message appears. I can get my computer to stay alive for a while longer than it normally would, though whenever i try to open a web browser, or run my antivirus, the computer will reset. I have also tried sending over a disinfecting tool from another, operational, computer on the network, but network neighborhood claims sed computer is offline. Is there an easier or better way i could go about fixing this?

I apologize if this topic is misplaced, I am not familiarized as to how the Q&A system works here.

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You'll get your question answered in Q&A

by neilb@uk In reply to Computer Randomly Resetti ...

Here, someone will blame it on GWB, someone else on Kerry, JD on his ex-wife and I'll blame religious fundamentalists.

Try here to delay the reboot while you fix the problem

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I personally blame Canada.

by Mickster269 In reply to You'll get your question ...

They are responsible for most of the evilness unleashed on the world.


Celene Dion.

I rest my case.

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Nope it's the US

by Bob in Calgary In reply to I personally blame Canada ...

And your weapons of mass torture

For example
Michael Jackson

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It's the French, Dammit!

by road-dog In reply to I personally blame Canada ...

Anything that goes on strike for no apparent reason and tries its best to prevent anything good taking place must be due to the French.

So please guys, let's forget our differences and get on with the very important business of hating the French!

Personally, I feel that the Canucks have redeemed themselves with Shania Twain and that hot bartender babe that made my visit to Edmonton so memorable......

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Would love to help you, but !!

by Aaron A Baker In reply to Computer Randomly Resetti ...

Since there is no e-mail address attached to your Profile, there is nowhere that I can send you a removal tool.
I would suggest the Sasser Removal tool at symantec, "If you're sure that this is the culprit and then for good measure, go to the Microsoft site and download the Malware removal tool.
Running it according to instructions should help you a little.
Good Luck
Aaron :)

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