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Computer takes (sometimes!) forever to b

By ospy ·
Any ideas as to why my computer takes a long time to boot up? I've done all the necessary maintenance tasks. This does not happen all the time and occasionally I get a blue screen. Going to update the bios but at a loss because it does not happen all the time.

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The main reason.......

by ChrisMS In reply to Computer takes (sometimes ...

Why your computer, or anyone elses, takes forever to boot up is generaaly linked to a few things.
The first of these is the amount of programs you have running from startup, i.e. firewalls, anti virus, other programs that run in the background.
Secondly, it comes down to hardware. How much RAM, HDD capacity, CPU & bus speed.
Have you defragged the HDD?

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Other issues... OS, Networked?

by tghall73 In reply to Computer takes (sometimes ...

I fully agree with ChrisMS... maintenance and hardware are my first thoughts also. Network connections and logon procedures need to be considered if applicable.
Depending on your OS, there may be options to shorten the boot up time. For example,Win2K has a timed screen in order to choose an OS. This length of time can be shortened or a default OS can be specified. (In Win2K, these settings are located in the Properties of My Computer | Advanced | Startup and Recovery).
Also, I would also check for miscellaneous files saved to the root of C:. This can cause issues. I have a application used in my office that writes a RTF file to the root of C: and if these accumulate it stops the pc cold.
You could also change the boot order in your BIOS... if you have it boot directly from your HDD and skip checking for a floppy or CD.
I am not sure if the page file would help much, but defrag and making sure your page is acceptable size is (1.5 X RAM) might help.
If all else fails, and you have all the appropriate drivers and software - backing up your data and wiping your PC clean is also an option. Hope this helps!

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