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    computer won’t boot up


    by jeeptrailmaster ·

    having a problem…laptop wont boot up…when i turn it on it goes on and off 3-4 times then stays on but no hard drive activity or anything on the screen but the power light and wireless light remain on

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      bit more info

      by p_jones79 ·

      In reply to computer won’t boot up

      Hi there m8, could do with a little more info tbh, can you access the bios? boot into safe mode? was there any strange activity before it got to this stage? does your screen display anything?

      If you have access to another pc dowload this

      It’ll allow you to boot your laptop from a cd image if its just a messed up windows install, but to be honest from what you’ve said it sounds like a hardware failiure (maybe video).

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        more info

        by jeeptrailmaster ·

        In reply to bit more info

        i can not boot into safe mode I cant access anything. The laptop was working fine.. it was not plugged in at the time so i knoqw it was not a power surge… no strange activity of any kindit is a compaq presario 2195us if it matters… the screen does not dispaly anything… the activity light never comes on its like its brain dead

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          Check the battery

          by mjd420nova ·

          In reply to more info

          Be sure you have a good and fully charged
          battery. Faulty recharging circuitry could
          also be at fault.

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          Reply To: computer won’t boot up

          by jeeptrailmaster ·

          In reply to Check the battery

          already tried that

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          Next step

          by wandertech ·

          In reply to Reply To: computer won’t boot up

          I would try connecting it to an external monitor to confirm that it isn’t a display board issue. I’ve seen several compaq laptops develop issues where the display goes blank but the backlight still comes on. Connecting an external monitor typically allows you to see the boot screens.

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      Fried Motherboard!!!!

      by swgoldwire2546 ·

      In reply to computer won’t boot up

      After looking for the simplest fixes, I would check the hard disk drive because it could have failed. If the hard drive works fine, then the motherboard could be the culprit–it could have been fried or the capacitors on the mobo have bursted. . .


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      Reply To: computer won’t boot up

      by graeme ·

      In reply to computer won’t boot up

      Hope you have warranty…can be a number of things…..

      Memory, battery…try power cable plugged in with no battery in, try pulling the hard disk out, see if you get a bios screen, and if none of that helps, main baord is your answer

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        Had a similar problem, maybe this will work

        by timmerge ·

        In reply to Reply To: computer won’t boot up

        Take out the battery, plug in the power cable, turn on and put the battery back, don’t know why but it worked.

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      Reply To: computer won’t boot up

      by djameson ·

      In reply to computer won’t boot up

      On Most laptops, there is a hard re-set method that can be used, I have seen this if the laptop hybernates for an extended period of time, Pull The battery and Do not attach it to any power source, then press and hold the power key for 30 contiguous seconds, then put the battery back in and hook up the ac adapter, power on as usual and it should come up. Especially if this is a Dell C or D series laptop or a Toshiba Tecra, and some HPs Most IBMS will also be re-set by this method.

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