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Congrats to IT Girli

By JamesRL ·
She closed a freakin question!

Don't mistake me, its congratulations not sarcasm.

I really don't care about points. I just want people to close questions. I know we have all talked about it, to death sometimes. But sometimes you have acknowledge people who make an effort.


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James perhaps if you

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Congrats to IT Girli

Told IT Girl that every time she closed a question she would get 1,000 Tech Points it just might encourage her to do it more often.

Just think of it in a very short time she could be up there with Maxwell with that nice Gold Tech points value after her name.

Col ]:)

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Its not her behaviour

by JamesRL In reply to James perhaps if you

Its everyone else's behaviour.

I laid off answering Q&As for a while, but recently got back into the habit. Of the half dozen or so that I have answered, hers was the only one closed.


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Well James I've been playing in the T Q & A

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Its not her behaviour

A bit lately as well and every question that I've answered has been closed I've even had one Peer contact me directly to ask me to explain in greater detail how to do something which I was happy to do and this person not only closed the question awarded me the points {As if I really care} but what did impress me was the personal Thank You that was sent to me for helping them.

Kind of makes it all worthwhile.

Col ]:)

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Must be me

by JamesRL In reply to Well James I've been play ...

Of the last twenty questions, only 5 have been closed.

I did have one person express a lot of sincere gratitude.


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Yah for Girli!

by BFilmFan In reply to Congrats to IT Girli

Was it a hard question or one of those slam-shut easy ones?

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Depends on your perspective

by JamesRL In reply to Yah for Girli!

She was having a challenge opening her Compaq's case. She did get a little ....sarcastic.


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by Oz_Media In reply to Congrats to IT Girli

For a second there I thought it was that she had won the first i-Pod. Oh well, I take back what I thought then, congrats for closing your first question.

Make note of the date so we can celebrate the annuversary next year.

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Oh I'm not sure whether it was her first

by JamesRL In reply to Oh

I was just thankful that someone closed a question.

Now in the other post, I mentioned that I had a 5 closed in 20 questions answered ratio. Take out a couple of non-technical questions asked in that group, and the ratio really sucks.


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No kidding

by Oz_Media In reply to Oh I'm not sure whether i ...

I have given up even paying attention lately, not much point really, just remember the real scumbags and you should be okay.

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