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Connected to internet but can't surf

By mikilee ·
I have seen several computers that show a connection to the internet, BUT when you enter a URL into address bar, they just sit with hour glass running or say , (page can't be displayed).I have had to do a fresh install to solve this. There must be a faster and easier fix? What's going on here? Also, in one case, the URL in the address bar would just sit with hour glass running, but I could enter the URL into the search bar and it go there right away. Can someone enlighten me, please? thanks all..

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Different ISPs

by jardinier In reply to Connected to internet but ...

What version of what browser are you using? For example, Internet Explorer 6.

Different ISPs (Internet Service Providers) have different layouts on their home page, and different methods of searching for a URL.

I suggest that your question could best be answered by the technical support service of your ISP.

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Sounds like a Phone Call to your ISP

by JimHM In reply to Connected to internet but ...

Sounds like you missed a step or a few entries when configuring your internet connection. I am going to assume you are Cable Modem or DSL connecting and not dailup.

You may of miss typed the DNS - or - WINS entries - Your best bet call your ISPs technical support number, the can also remote into you system to see the settings.

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but listen to this

by mikilee In reply to Sounds like a Phone Call ...

Thanks for the input, but I can do a system restore in my xp pro and solve the problem..Can running spyware possibly delete something, causing this problem? I appreciate you taking the time to respond..

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yes, those spies can do that

by wtf_happened In reply to but listen to this

They can bring your surfing to a virtual standstill even if you have DSL (as I do).
Ad Aware is a good one to try.
Goodbye Spy is another one.
I'd give that a try first before I restored my system. They don't take long to install, run, and you're back on track! good luck.

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