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    consultant softskill?


    by sun100mon ·

    is there any documentation or any books on consultant softskills?



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      consultant softskill?

      by mark l ·

      In reply to consultant softskill?

      None I know of.

      A few areas you might wish to focus on are;

      Who is your Customer? What do they ‘claim’ to need?

      Who is your Customrt? What are they asking for?

      Who is your Cusomer? What do they ‘really’ need?

      Answer the 3 Q’s above, and carry on. Do you have a source of consultants to fit the need? Go for it!

      Enjoy 🙂
      mlv//Mark LeVeck (618.593.7439)

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      consultant softskill?

      by hansw ·

      In reply to consultant softskill?

      I am currently reading ‘The IT Consultant’ by Rick Freedman. This book assumes you have the necessary techskills and therefore focuses on the softskills.
      I am finding it worthwhile.

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      consultant softskill?

      by askjaer ·

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      Hi there
      If you really would like to improve your consultants soft skills in the areas of listening, selling and looking to match a customers needs try looking at the book and concept of: Lets Get reals and lets not play/Helping clients succed – written by Mahan Khalsa.
      His method is fantastic and any work done around it really improves consultants softskills.

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      consultant softskill?

      by rick freedman ·

      In reply to consultant softskill?

      Hi, I’m Rick Freedman, the author of “The IT Consultant” and a columnist on this site. Thanks to Hans for recommending my book in this Q&A. Other books that are worthwhile for consulting soft skill building are “Flawless Consulting” by Peter Block,”The Consultant’s Calling” by Bellman, and “The Value-Creating Consultant” by Carucci. All consultants should also read “True Professionalism” by David Maister, not really focused on soft skills but an important pillar of integrity and professionalstandards for professional advisors. Feel free to drop me a personal note for more info.

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      consultant softskill?

      by nickc ·

      In reply to consultant softskill?

      The other answers focus on what I’d call ‘client side’ softskills.

      I’d add “The Secrets of Consulting- Guide to Giving and Getting Advice Successfully” by Jerry Weinberg as a must read.

      If you’re an independent consultant you certainly need tolook at skills not generally thought of when looking just at the client side. Some of the answers are applicable to the non-independent as well.

      You could look at any of Janet Ruhl;s books. is her web site and she has information there.

      While somewhat more generic, the classic book is Herman Holtz’ “How to succeeed as an Independent Computer Consultant” is very valuable.


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      consultant softskill?

      by sun100mon ·

      In reply to consultant softskill?

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