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    Consulting practice on the side?


    by identcc ·

    I’m thinking of opening a consulting practice on the side. What is the BEST way to obtain and keep clients on a very limited budget?

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      Consulting practice on the side?

      by james schroer ·

      In reply to Consulting practice on the side?

      I found this company called who was very helpful. What they do is you sign up with them they give you a website, mine is, and basicly they supply the store front, hardware, and almost anything else you will need and you supply your customers with the firs hand tech support. Yes the products come with their own call in tech support but you are there to give them personal support and a little training. I found it GREAT because all you have to do ismake people aware of you and your site and it takes off. Many, Many benifits and it’s worked great for me. Send me an e-mail so I can tell you more.

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      Consulting practice on the side?

      by mckaytech ·

      In reply to Consulting practice on the side?

      Two questions, really. Obtain clients is the hard part with lots of choices to be made. Keeping those clients is simply a matter of demonstrating value for their dollars (i.e. producing an excellent product at a fair price).

      From my perspective(your mileage may vary…)
      What doesn’t work: cheap Web sites, cold calling, Yellow Pages ads, spamming by e-mail or fax, gimmicky trinkets

      What can work: personal relationships with those who procure consulting services, reviewing government bid requests, carefully targeted direct mail, trade organizations, the local Chamber of Commerce, on-line consulting exchanges (e.g.

      Realistically, the challenge is to get your first account. Many consultants start their practice with a past employer who knows the quality of their work and depend on word of mouth after that.

      best wishes!


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      Consulting practice on the side?

      by sagar ·

      In reply to Consulting practice on the side?

      Dear Jim,
      As Paul Wright mentioned, it is the challenge of getting the first job. This usually is obtained from the previous employer or from friends who know your worth and have a high brand equity.
      The previous employer, can outsource a bit of work of to you and you can get on with that. This helps in making a good citation.
      If the above does not help, it would be a good idea to talk to any of the publishing houses for any consulting assignments at their end. The media company will blow your trumpet at no cost. I know of some cases where people have got some good contact with Tech/Consulting publishing firms and arranged interviews and ran columns for the consultant.
      Needless to mention, all work has to be done keeping retention/relationship in your mind. No attempt should be made with “hit and run” solutions. This should take care of “keeping” clients. Tell the truth/what you feel, maybe in a polished way, but get the message across, if u have to. “Up front” attitude helps.
      All the best

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      Consulting practice on the side?

      by dmiles ·

      In reply to Consulting practice on the side?

      During negoiations offer incentives to offset the cost of sevices that will help benifit the company,you may have to offer services that go beyond your required obligation.

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      Consulting practice on the side?

      by mark l ·

      In reply to Consulting practice on the side?

      First obvious move is to sit down at your kitchen table or desk, or wherever, and decide what it is that you are selling. Consulting practice covers lots. Second, check local, regional, state, national (as appropriate) for rules/regs/licence/tax implications. Third is; (as everyone of your previous responses noted) GET that first customer, MAKE that first customer happy, and you can not only KEEP that one, but expect MORE from word of mouth. Fourth thing; Build your consulting Biz slow (and sure). Avoid the “big moves$$” that you are not prepared to take. Keep your day job till your consulting biz is large enuf & stable enuf to support you & yours in the manner you are aiming for.
      Enjoy :)mlv Mark LeVeck, 314.495.8296

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