Continuous automatic backup with Vista

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Like many others, I found Vista to be a major hurdle when I first began battle with the beast, but I persevered, and in the end was able to find solutions for all of my problems -- except for one. (I should add that I am not an IT specialist, but simply a writer who works alone at home and am very much impressed by MS Office 2007, especially Word 2007. I used Corel MediaOne for photos, videos, etc., and OmniPage16 for scanning.) I use Vista Home Premium on a DELL XPS 210 with a duo-core Pentium processor.

My major problem involves Vista?s lack of compatibility with Iomega?s Automatic Backup system (which runs constantly in the background whenever I?m writing). Since it backs up folders I designate to an external hard drive, I virtually never lost any of my writing when I used Windows XP.

When I first installed Vista (in Feb or Mar 2007), I got a message (from a DELL Vista installation program) saying no patch had yet been developed to allow Iomega?s automatic backup system to run with Vista ? and that I?d be notified as soon as a patch was available. I waited and waited and heard nothing from DELL or from Iomega (whom I contacted about the problem). In the meantime, Vista recognized my external hard drive and automatically backed up designated folders, but only once every 24 hrs.

Finally I learned from Iomega that a company called EMC Insignia developed a product called Retrospect that was advertised by Iomega as enabling their Automatic Backup system to work with Vista. I purchased the product from Iomega and successfully installed it, only to discover that (as far as I can tell) it, like Vista?s own, performs the timed automatic backup no more frequently than once every 24 hrs.

But this was just the beginning of my problems with Vista and backing up automatically. I discovered that when Vista was on, Retrospect would not work, and vice versa. Then I started getting error messages from whichever system I had turn on, so that now I have no automatic backup at all.

Like others, I?ve been tempted to revert to Windows XP, but for no other reason that to regain my accustomed continuous automatic backup. One DELL XPS tech support person said the only way I could get Vista?s own once-every-24-hrs automatic backup system to work was to save all of my data, uninstall Vista, and reinstall it. I tremble even to think about such a drastic action!

My preference is to regain the ability to run an automatic backup system in the background all the time I?m writing. Surely this problem has been solved for Iomega external hard drives ? although no one there has been able to tell me where to find the necessary software. Surely other vendors have the same type of continuously operating automatic backup of designated folders, but I haven?t been able to discover who this might be.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated ? either on getting Iomega to work with Vista or finding an alternative AB system.

Many thanks ? in advance.


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Auto Saving

by ComputerCookie In reply to Continuous automatic back ...

Unless you feel that there is something suspect with your computer why is there a need to continuously back up to an external drive.

I feel you have wasted a lot of money.

all you need is auto save to be reduced to a couple of minutes instead of 10 or whatever the default is.

If you don't know how to do this, open word and ask the question in help.

you may find it easier if you change the default auto save location to a higher level, possibly a folder called Auto Save on the C: drive.

Sorry I don't have Office 2007 installed at the moment so I cannot give you the procedure to to this.

If you have any problems please post the question.

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Seems a bit of an 'overkill' for what you are doing...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Continuous automatic back ...

If the only reason you've invested in ALL this hardware / software / upgrades is to keep a constant backup of what you are typing.

This can be easily achieved by custom-setting the 'auto save' feature. This feature has been around since the days of DOS.

For that matter, so has Iomega. They were the proponents of the first 'multi-megabyte' floppies, which died the death due to unreliability.

If you are as much of a writer as you claim, why are you not using QuarkXPress?

By default, it saves every keystroke to any directory of your choice. Mine saves to a bog-standard 2nd hard drive which is a helluva lot faster than an Iomega unit.

Sorry to be so disparaging but I feel you have taken the wrong route.

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