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Contractor pay scale

By reg ·
Has anyone worked with or knows how much and how contractors are paid at places like geek squad, plum choice, Geeksontime, or any other similiar company? Wanting to know if it's worthwhile or not...

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Contracting with a company

by zlitocook In reply to Contractor pay scale

That contracts you out will not get you much money. Here in St Louis MO. the Geek squad guys make $15.00 an hour. And some make more but have experience in different areas. I have been a contractor for more then five years; the company that contracts me out can get anywhere from $45. an hour to $150 an jour for me. But I only get $15 to $20 bucks and hour.
When I contract myself out to a small business I get $45 an hour to larger companies I get $65 an hour. And I bet the other contract companies because I charge less and they know who will come when they call.

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Geek Squad California

by chuck.hoskins In reply to Contractor pay scale

In the San Francisco Bay area, geek squad "techs" are paid about $15 - 20 dollars an hour depending on their experience level. Pretty lousy pay for an are where the median price of a house is 645K. I have a couple of friends that work there part time, just because they dont want to run a business on their own.
I contract independently, have no real shortage of work, and bill out at 75 - 105 an hour with a 2 hour minimum to cover travel time. Independent is definately the way to go if you dont mind shilling out for advertising ( a couple of small yellow pages ads, which surprisingly aint cheap ), a membership in a couple of local business groups ( absolutely required for networking, you just wont get business if you cant be social now and then), and a lot of cold calling to pass out cards and brochures in my down time.
The supply of people doing in home support in my area makes it way to competitive to be profitable, really lousy margins. I try to stick with SOHO's of 15 or fewer machines.
All that being said, you should just try it on your own. Geek Squad has such a lousy reputation, you probably dont want to have your name associated with them.

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Nerd Heard

by f In reply to Contractor pay scale

I worked at Geek Squad (as a Special Agent) with 20 years of experience. The range was up to $20/hour. So of course you tell them, "I can make a decision today, if you can pay me $20 per hour!"

Good Luck!

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by frank In reply to Contractor pay scale

Try, they are a nationwide service. I have been with these guys since february of this year and have nothing but great experiences. Here are some of the advantages of this particular service:

-no fee other than 10% of what you make
-you can name your price, make conditional offers on posted jobs ie. ask for more money etc.
-get paid immediately ie. usually via transfer to your bank account on the day you finish work (some companies take a few days, but the turnaround to get paid is fairly quick).
-automated web interface for viewing,taking jobs, setting up profile, verified certifications

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by katjone In reply to Contractor pay scale

I worked with GeeksOnTime. They only pay techs something like once a month, but don't charge their techs any fees.

But, I'm currently in a pay dispute with them, and have heard from others that they haven't been paid, either. Has anybody else had better luck?

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No pay either

by scott_funderburk In reply to GeeksOnTime

I have 2 out standing invocies with them as well. I would like to figure a way of getting all the techs who are getting screwed together so we can file a class action suite to collect our money and then some.

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Feel Your Pain!!

by tim In reply to GeeksOnTime

GeeksOnTime owes me just shy of $1500.00.
The helmsmen complain of trying to keep to lights/phones on, etc.
I'm suing them. How 'bout you?

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Geeks On Time Does NOT pay its Employees - PERIOD!

by tim In reply to Contractor pay scale

Don't get involved with!
Pays good for awhile - then the checks simply just stop!

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