Coomputer Freezing Issues

By TechIntern ·
I have windows XP pro SP2. A lot of my work is to Copy Data from one site and Paste into another one. After repeating this a few times, my IE and computer freezes and i have to reboot to work again. I am using IE6 and I need to use IE6. We have other people in the office doing the same thing with no problems and they have the same setup. I have tried everything and recently even Re-OS-ed the machine but no luck. Any help is appreciated.

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RE: Coomputer Freezing Issues

by Jacky Howe In reply to Coomputer Freezing Issues

Sounds like Memory to me. Run a memory tester.

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Changed memory Still Freezes

by TechIntern In reply to RE: Coomputer Freezing Is ...

I have changed and upgraded memory, didn't work.

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Could be in the ram socket

by Dumphrey In reply to Changed memory Still Free ...

try running with ony one stick in, and then switch. Also, it could be a motherboard driver, look and see if there are any updates. Less likely is an irq problem, if you have any pci cards, take them out and try again. And even less likely is a network card driver, update drivers or try another card. For that matter, it could also be in the cpu L1 or L2... but thats more difficult to diagnose...
Does the Amount of data copied at one time make a difference to the freezing, or is it any copy/paste?

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Clear out cache

by Mayhem1969 In reply to Coomputer Freezing Issues

I'd recommend you clear out your temporary internet files and other temp IE6 files you don't really need. I used to use IE6 too with XP until MS kept installing updates that interfered with its use and sped its demise. I finally had to download IE7, which is what MS wants you to do anyway with XP and above.

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