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By orion ·
One thing I love about DOS is that you can type something like C: copy a*.* C:\mydir\*.* and it'll copy all files starting with "a".

I've yet to find a way to achieve a similar result using Windows Explorer! Anyone every figure out how to do this?

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by mrafrohead In reply to COPY MANY IN EXPLORER

Sort the files alphabetically and then copy and paste...

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Command Prompt

by gduffala In reply to

If you really want to type, go the command prompt. You may be able to do the DOS there.

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Use Search Function

by graham.sinclair In reply to COPY MANY IN EXPLORER

Open Windows Explorer and browse to the folder you wish to copy from; right click the folder and choose search in WK2, Find in NT, (similar in other OS's) then enter your search criteria, (it can be wild and various). Once found you can do whateveryou wish with the results of the search.

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And the cool thing about this is ...

by eBob In reply to Use Search Function

... it can find files in "other" directories (OK, "Folders" to you young'ns), and "other" hard drives and even network resources.

Then Copy (or Cut) and Paste to the new destination.

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