Copying Driver files

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Hi all,
This might seem simple to you, but im trying to reinstall windows on a friends old computer, Its a epox ep-8kta2 motherboard running xp pro /sp2 its heavily infected and a new install is the best option. My problem is this mother board is not supported by the manufactauer anymore so after install i wont have a driver disk, the current installation is running dreadfully slow but still working. my thoughts are that if i copy the current drivers on the system on to a disk i will be able to reuse them after fresh install (will this work ?)If so how do i find these files ? .

Any advise would be greatly appreciated :)

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Doesn't work that way

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Copying Driver files

You can try to find them, but you'll probably never find all of the pieces so the installation of those drivers is bound to fail. I haven't seen a system yet that worked right by trying to do it this way.

You have a couple of possibilities though. (1) Ask the friend if he still has the MB CD that should have come with the computer. (2) Since the manufacturer no longer supports the MB, you can hope that WinXP has the drivers for it built into the installation CD, or at least some generic drivers that will work instead. Or, (3) try looking at to see if someone else has already shared the drivers package for that MB, download and extract them to a floppy/CD/thumb drive so you'll have them when called for. Be very careful with this last option. Double check the BIOS version on the MB that you have to make sure you get exactly what you need.

Chance are though, that you won't need them at all, if the MB is pretty old.

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