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    Corel Calender (CorelCENTRAL 9) Help


    by deeda ·

    I am wondering if you could help me- I just rebuilt a computer for one of my co-workers and I am suppose to switch out his computer with the new one, but he uses Corel Calendar & Memos and I need to transfer them onto his new computer. I tried to export and import but it wont let me do that cuz it is in ASCII format. Please email me if you might know away i can do this.
    Thanks in advance!
    Deidre Martin

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      this is how its done!!!

      by deeda ·

      In reply to Corel Calender (CorelCENTRAL 9) Help

      I figured out what to copy and paste– You need to go to C:\Windows\My Documents\CCWin9 and copy that folder, then paste that folder on a network drive and then when you get the other computer up and going copy & paste it on that computer!~
      Thanksfor the help!

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