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Counter-Strike Game - Need Info, Please

By LorraineR ·
I know this isn't "work" related, but I really need help. My son wants to install Counter-Strike. From what I've seen there are some reasons not to play/install this internet game. I read that one of the downloads for a communications radio also installs GATOR (I've had really bad things happen with Gator installed and I know it's almost impossible to completely get rid of Gator.)

Anyway, if anyone can give me some reasons / links for info about what is installed with Counter-Strike, ie. does it make your computer a server (like some of the music download places)? Anything else you can think of?

Thanks for your help!!

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Notes form a gamer

by Fvazquez In reply to Counter-Strike Game - Nee ...


your son have two ways to install counter strike (BTW: exelent game)one is having the retail CS and the other way is using the half life Mod. The retail version have severals software options to install like the gator companion witch iNever install in my pc because it cases problems a lot. The good new is that you can uninstall the gator from the OS alone. The other concern that you have is if the game is kind of a server like (napster,ect.ect.), well the big fun of Counter Strike its that is a multiplayer game witch you can play online or in a LAN enviroment. He can start a server form the game itself or join a bunch of dedicated CS server around the world and play. I dont recommend create a home server of CS unless this tree factors are aveilable:

1. you have an exelent internet connection (DSL,Cable or dedicated lines)

2. your son nows what he is doing.

3. the game itself is prepared to be secure and safe to be publish.

I hope this help you. if you steal have questions send me a e mail and ill be happy to answer all you questions.

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Got teens?

by MadMark In reply to Counter-Strike Game - Nee ...

I have a 15 year old boy that has been playing CS for 3 years. He loves it, but has now moved on to other games.

CS may install Gator, even if you tell it not to. This is mostly because of the way Gator is packaged. Gator is one of many "SpyWare" type programs that track your websurfing habits or types of sites you visit so that it may report its findings and target advertising towards your interests.

Since I am involved in the Information Security industry, I really don't like these kinds of programs. I suggest that you download and use LavaSoft's AdAware. It is a free tool for scanning and removing ALL KINDS of spyware. You'll be amazed at what it finds on your "clean" system.

I wouldn't be to fearful about him running CS, but you may want to limit him to a couple of hours a night, AFTER his homework is done...

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