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cpa fan stops when xp boots

By mrs.spock ·
I recently installed a new hard drive in my notebook. I have a dual boot of XP Professional and Linux. Both OS worked fine for about a month or so. The all of a sudden it started to freeze in XP. when I opened up the case, I discovered that the CPu fan quits after XP boots so it overheats the processor. This does not happen in Linux. I would appreciate any input anyone can give me. I was thinking maybe a virus or something in processes is causing this. Thanks for your input.


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I have had a similar issue

by Tig2 In reply to cpa fan stops when xp boo ...

With a Sony notebook. I have had various heat issues with a variety of notebooks.

Can you boot the XP partition in safe mode? If yes, re-install XP.

Do you really need XP? If not, I wish you many trouble free years in Linux. Yeah, I know. You have XP there for a reason.

XP tends to start up all kinds of things in the boot process which is why your CPU is heating up. I would consider booting to safe and taking a look at what is being initiated at boot. Stop whatever can be safely stopped- for instance, if you have Office launching at start-up, stop it.

I know that I get better performance from a notebook if I keep it on risers- better air flow.

Good luck. If HAL shows up, he will have better ideas. He has me beat by a long run!

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safe mode - fine

by mrs.spock In reply to I have had a similar issu ...

Yes, I can boot in safe mode with no problem. CPU fan works normally in safe mode. I keep XP only because there are certain applications that only work in microsoft (unfortunately). So I really need it for work. But I prefer Linux. I thinking about re-installing the chipset drivers....but reformatting isn't out of the question either. Thanks for responding.

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by Beilstwh In reply to safe mode - fine

If the fan works in safe mode and doesn't work in normal mode, check your power settings under the control panel. Your problem is that one of the modules that are loaded during normal mode is telling the fan to shut off.

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May I suggest

by w2ktechman In reply to cpa fan stops when xp boo ...

To try a few things before reformatting.
I would suggest turning off the PM in XP, and let it use the notebooks PM. I have seen instances where they have conflicted. Since it works in safe mode, turning it off in Win may be a good fix.
If not, try flashing the BIOS. An update for Windows may have interfered, and it may work with a newer BIOS.
If not, I would think that there may be some other SW interfering. Look through your apps, scan for malware/viri. Use task mgr. to turn off programs

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i'm hopeful

by mrs.spock In reply to May I suggest

I turned off PM in XP and so far so good. The fan has been turning off and on as it should. I am going to continue to monitor it. I actually did flash bios when this whole thing started but that didn't help. Turning off the PM seems to be working. Even as I typed this, it has turned off and on twice in that short period of time. I will keep all of you posted. Thank you for all your posts. I appreciate it.

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