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I purchased an AMD Athalon processor with a compatible motherboard and Powersupply with case. When I connect the Mother board with the Powersupply and case, the Power supply works fine. But when with I plug in the Processor, the power supply starts with the Fan rotating momentarily and immediatly stops. Can you please let me knw how I can fix this problem.

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Two things here

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to CPU+MotherBoard+PowerSupp ...

Firstly this would be better placed in the Q & A section as you get automated e-mail responses whenever someone posts a possible answer.

Secondly you didn't mention what type of RAM is being used and how much of it there is. With ATX Power Supplies they rely on getting feedback from the M'Board/CPU to continue running and if this feedback is not forthcoming they shut down to protect the rest of the computer.

Remove all unnecessary items and just attempt to start with the bare minimum like CPU, 1 RAM stick & HDD with the M'Board not mounted in the case but sitting on paper as it doesn't conduct electricity and see what happens. You will of course need to attach a power switch to the front connectors but you didn't mention anything about the CPU fan so if it isn't fitted that may explain what is happening.

Anyway post everything that is fitted to the M'Board and then ask the question again but if you place it on the Q & A section you are far more likely to get someone in you're time zone to help you with a solution instead of someone half a world away.

Incidentally I take it that any jumpers that need to be set have been.


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