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Crashing programs

By DerangedDragon ·
I got a problem I cant seem to find the answers to -
which is basically sending me round to the corner pub to hoist a few.
What it is, is that once I turn on this comp, and try to run any program except Netscape, the machine (1) locks up, or (2) gives BSODs, or (3) shows error for VxDs, or (4) shows error for Ddhelp.exe, or (5) just plain reboots without showing any error.
I have gone through all the driver files, and have them all uptodate, and I replaced the power supply, the Motherboard,the video card and the sound card.
Still, nothing seems to fix the problem.
As for worms, virus, etc; according to all the AV scans I run, nothing like that exists on this comp.
Anyone got any suggestions?

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by timwalsh In reply to Crashing programs

What operating system are you running?

When you get the BSODs, does it always have the same error message or does it vary? What error messages do you get?

Have you added any new hardware or softrware lately? If the the computer worked correctly previously, what has changed?

Ddhelp.exe is the executable for the DirectDraw Helper, which is part of DirectX, and is used for graphics related services. Everything else I read relating to ddhelp.exe points to graphics-related problems. Youmight download the latest version of DirectX and install it.

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Try a few things

by zlitocook In reply to Crashing programs

Like SFC from the run command it will work with 98 and me not sure about 2000. Boot to safe mode to see if it runs ok if so it should just be a few things that could be wrong not the O/S. If need be copy needed files to back up and reload. Run scandisk from floppy and defrag the drive. Then remove all tmp, cookies and chk files. And reboot. As aways be sure your virus software is up to date and running.

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Change out your memory stick

by admin In reply to Crashing programs

and see what happens.... :)

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