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Creating a web site that can access a MS database (not using frontpage

By simonc_s ·

Thought i would try to earn some brownie points at work by creating a web site (intranet page) for our dept and have part of it link to a helpdesk style MS database.

All good in theory, but a few hurdles in the way.
1. being i am reasonably good with getting to grips with applications but can't write any code. So was looking to use a user friendly package.
2. Can't use a package like frontpage, which could practically do the job for me, as the server that it is being posted on does not support frontpage extensions.
3. I only have an access97 database (well will do if i ever manage to build the bloody thing!)

So i guess my question is - is there a software package i could use to write my intranet/web page, that part of it could link to a database. (when i mean link - i mean have a web GUI to update and view the database fields)



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You don't need any packages!

by GuruOfDos In reply to Creating a web site that ...

Just use ASP, which is a language based on VB. VB Script is very easy to use, needs little or no programming experience, and asp pages can be written by hand using nothing more complicated than Notepad. For ideas and tutorials (I assume you understand basic HTML)goto or

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more brownie points

by tech_at_hoh In reply to You don't need any packag ...

I agree with guruofdos on this. Although you state that you don't know how to program, learning how the thing works 'under the hood' will probably be better in the long run. It doesn't have to be a steep learning curve. Most of the good developers I know, pick a problem and then cut and paste from existing code and tutorials. 4guysfromrolla have an excellent tutorial and if you can use cut and paste then you half way there:
Good luck

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Web site using MS database

by sevilju In reply to Creating a web site that ...

I just wanted to know if you find the way to build your website? I'm in the same page. I'm building my intranet using Micromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004. I think is a good investment, that and other products I use.
I'm actually looking for help too. I'm displaying my records but I want to have an image of a record. The same way when you look your bank statement on-line and you can view your check cancelled. ANYONE !!

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Good question

by Oz_Media In reply to Web site using MS databas ...

If you got the Studio MX with Cold Fusion, you might want to try the Macromedia Forums on th emain site, they are excellent and Macromedia engineers and designers are there often to provide help.

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Check out this website

by Soulman918 In reply to Creating a web site that ...

If you go to they offer an excellent helpdesk program that uses ASP pages as a front end and a SQL or Access database as the back end. There are two versions 0.97 and Beta 1. I have recently setup the beta at my company and I'm doing testing with it. The beta works extremely well! You run the asp pages off of IIS and configure all the fields of your database through the front end web pages. There are a few tweaks that you need to adjust, but the information can be found in the Beta forum on the web site. Best news of all It's FREE! It's well written, and it's open license.

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Dead site

by john In reply to Check out this website

Is there anyway you can forward a copy of the source code ... their website seems to be down.


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Link to Helpdesk program

by Soulman918 In reply to Dead site
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Fairly straighforward

by Oz_Media In reply to Creating a web site that ...

By far, the best web design studio available is Macromedia's Dreamweaver Studio.

The only issue is, you would have an easier time writing code than using Dreamweaver until you had time to learn it properly. I have been using Dreamweaver for about 8 years or so, they also made FLASH, SHOCKWAVE and all the other cool multimedia stuff.

But if this is an avenue you wish to persue in depth, by all means jump into Macromedia's Web Development Studio and have fun.

In fact, I got into it for pretty much the same reason you want to.

There's a lot of help and resources availablem on line tutorials and they have touring seminars a lot. Right now the Full studio is under a grand US and worth every dime. There's so much in the box and add-ons, plugins galore. It writes VERY neat code without redundant tags. It is fully integrated within itself meaning that you can access, FLASH, Cold Fusion, Firewoks etc. all from internal editors no matter which proram you are running.

No I don't work for Macromedia (I have thought about it though)I just really stand behind their studio and can't believe the amount of tools it provides and how tightly it's all integrated.
Recommend Studio MX2004 with Flash Professional and Cold Fusion (about $1000.00)

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