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Credit Card Fraud Advise

By gtebbe ·
An incident occurred in my company that I would like some advise on how to deal with. I am the Director of Information Technology for an organization in Health Care. The incident involved our Human Resources Administrator during a general employee meeting. She made a presentation aimed at educating our employees of the dangers of credit card fraud. She handed out a sheet listing some recommendations for staying aware of credit card accounts as well as a web site they can go to for free credit reports.

Now as far as I am aware, there is only one website the Federal Trade Commission ( recommends using for annual free credit reports, There are probably other legitimate organizations that provide these kinds of financial services, but I don?t think there are that many. And even with the website given by the FTC, one would think the policy should still be Caveat Emptor. The handout our HR Administrator gave out to our employees indicated another website entirely, which I, being the most paranoid IT professional in recorded history, immediately pointed out and urged her to revise with the web address provided by the FTC. Some amount of due-diligence should have been performed before giving this information out. I was certainly not consulted.

My question is has the HR Administrator placed our organization in some legal liability if any of our employees actually visit the website she gave them and get ripped off?

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by The Admiral In reply to Credit Card Fraud Advise

Short answer No. Long Answer No.

If the credit reporting websites that she handed out are LEGITIMATE sites such as Experian, then she has done the correct thing.

However, if she went and put down as a place for credit reports, then she is on the hook to correct herself or she can be held liable for disseminating false information to employees. This is one of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act violations that we continually hear about.

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