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Crystal Audio 4236/38 drivers

By gary.cox ·
I've discovered what appears to be a bug in the Crystal Audio 4236/38 sound drivers and Windows 95. Should the Windows 95 registry equal or exceed 14mb these drivers will no longer work. It appears to possibly be some sort of addressing problem with the drivers but I've been unable to find anyone with a simular experience or that knows anything about the internals of these drivers. These are the drivers used on Dell GX1 PC's...

Anyone have any experience or ideas? I've tried various versions of the drivers but once the registry hits 14mb they will no longer work.

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Cloned what... ...?

by Thyo-J. A.-a. In reply to Crystal Audio 4236/38 dri ...

See if they care(commercial courtesey)...If by any chance you've tested 3Drivers and got the same rezs.And have checked-out your own hard~software...then there is this to do.Seek if they cloned it from "someonelse".Supposing they would say no:"Can you proove it or send a self-sealed copy of prototype according to the specs you'll giv'em".||

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First Things First...

by RDSchaefer In reply to Crystal Audio 4236/38 dri ...

If your W95 registry is 14MB then you've got bigger problems than just a sound driver. I would suggest downloading one of the many registry cleaner variants and get rid of the excess 'whatever'. At that size, I'm surprised W95 works at all.


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