daisy chaining routers

By cheez.mode ·
hey all?
I have two routers in the office, a level FDR 14118TX, and a linksys WRT54G router. Any suggestions how I can Daisy chain the routers?
Well i know i have to set one as primary and the other as a secondary one. The primary one doing most of the "donkey" work.... eg port forwarding etc
and that you have to make sure that the first three octets have to be the same for both (192.168.1.)
any help will be greatly appreciated

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by retro77 In reply to daisy chaining routers

When you say "Daisy chain", do you really mean fail-over?

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Need more detail

by JPLconsultant In reply to daisy chaining routers

Please provide a lot more detail as to what you want to accomplish and why you think it requires two routers that are "daisy chained".

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more detail

by cheez.mode In reply to Need more detail

thanks for your replies. here is the deal. i do not necessarily want a fail over.
Have a fiber termination as well as a wireless link at the office. so as it is now, one side of the office is using the fibre and the other side is using the wireless link, but due to high latencies in the wireless link we want to move every one to the fibre link.
so my idea at first was to have the fiber connection put through a VLAN, then my Boss thought that we have a have one router for each side of the office.

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by retro77 In reply to more detail

Just patch everyone into one router using a switch or several switches that can handle your user load. Make the router everyone's default gateway.

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by cheez.mode In reply to Easy

thanks retro thats what I have done so far. but just for the kicks, how would you have handled having two routers on the same network?

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