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Data Markers on Excel charts

By Fireman476 ·
I have users that plot a considerable number of charts in excel97. No problem usually as can plot in colour. However when thay need to fax charts they like to include data markers to differentiate between series. This is where the problem arises, as they are plotting up to 800 data points per series when they include markers it appears as a splurge (due to the fact excel includes a marker at every data point). The way they get round this problem at present is to reduce the number of data points, which they don't like as it smooths the data and removes transients or to put series on different charts, again they don't like as it makes comparisons between series difficult.
Does anyone know a way to force excel to put markers at say every 20th data point?
Or will I have to resort to a Macro to do it?

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Data Markers on Excel charts

by Larry H. In reply to Data Markers on Excel cha ...

If you must put markers at intervals then it will have to be done by a macro (or manually). Another option might be to change the line style and weight for each series (solid line, dotted line, dashed line, etc.). This approach would not need markers at all, but since there are a limited number of line styles it won't work if there are too many series.

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Data Markers on Excel charts

by Fireman476 In reply to Data Markers on Excel cha ...

Larry H
Thanks but line styles don't help either.
The interval used for say dotted lines appears to be linked to the number of data points (as are data markers)so end up with a solid line!

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