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By scott.reisinger ·
I have taken on a project in somewhat unfamiliar territory. I am in charge of setting up an inventory database that is viewable by everyone in the company but updatable by a few select people. It has to be able to import and export Excel and word documents and run on a Windows network. Please don't suggest Access. I need something that will import whole pages to different areas within the database. So far I have only worked with Access and InfoSelect. Both are good in their own ways, but not upto the task at hand. Any suggestions?

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by dbgirl In reply to Database suggestions

In my opinion, this could use a combination method. Use MS SQL Server, but use Access as the development tool. If you have experience with Access, the development will be easier.

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I have a product that may fit your needs

by Jack_Swayze In reply to Database suggestions

Go to this web-site and check this software out:

You may be trying to reinvent the wheel.

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New technology

by liort In reply to I have a product that may ...

I may have a solution for you that will enable you to create an N tier architecture to (like the Internet) allowing unlimited concurent access to the database and on the client side a simple to develop client (VB) that will allow you to export the files to ANY program of your choice. The client software will act "like" a web page, only it will be a full blown application. Let me know if that sounds interesting.

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Database suggestions

by NKQX57A In reply to Database suggestions

Your Inventory System must have many users and updaters, be really big and very complex, for Access not to be able to handle it.

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