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David Letterman

By jardinier ·
Yes we get the David Letterman show in Sydney.

Currently most of his "jokes" are directed at George Bush or members of his administration.

The audience -- whom I suppose are mostly New Yorkers -- respond well.

Question: Are he and his audience biased against George Bush, or is it politically OK to make fun of the president?

I ask this because in Australia, the PM and various cabinet members are regularly lampooned, regardless of which party is in power.

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Doesnt matter the Party

by ccthompson In reply to David Letterman

Wheather they are a Democrat or Republican, Jay Leno and David Letterman are going to make fun of them. Dont forget Conan O'Brian.

Saturday Night Live, popular TV shows. For as long as I can remember, no matter who was in office, there was some kind of gag reel out there about them.

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David Letterman show?

by rob mekel In reply to David Letterman

Is it show that he preforms or is it a bias that he is working on with help of the New York Democrats.

Some show-people can do whatever they like as long as it's not insulting or harmful in a mean way. Laughter must be part of it, for sure.

Overhere (NL) we make jokes of our prime-minister as being a look-a-like of Harry Potter, to even, calling him the 13th men in a dozen. What he admids the next day in a political-forum as being "stiffly lower middle class" as regarding to his looks.

And it is all still politically OK.


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You should see TV here at election time

by OnTheRopes In reply to David Letterman show?

when we're usually left voting for the lesser of 2 evils, not that it matters.

They make fun of the politicians over here all of the time and the politicians do their part by giving the comedians a lot of material to work with.

As far as the audience and Letterman being biased, well, the latest poll shows that Bush?s approval rating is at an all time low of 32%. At most Letterman is sensing the audience?s true feelings and making light of a sad situation.

If that poll is accurate it shows that there are fully 1/3 of my fellow citizens that aren?t paying attention or really understand the kind of a mess Bush and Company have made and are making.

THAT would definitely NOT be funny.

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Politician making fun of himself!!!

by rob mekel In reply to You should see TV here at ...

That's what's happening here.

Can see why competing politicians are badgering one an other but one stabbing himself down is pretty new to me. ?


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by DMambo In reply to David Letterman

Letterman was all over Clinton when Monica was the big thing. The late-night hosts, incl Jon Stewart, the best of 'em all, have to do a monologue every night and the easiest thing to use for material are current events.

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yes and yes

by jdclyde In reply to David Letterman

politicians are a favorite target of all comedians.

They ALL will slam who ever is in the office, just if it is making fun of or if it is hateful depends on the person.

Dave is not a Bush supporter and has made this clear.

This will not stop him from making money off of laughing at any Democrat that make the news.

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It is OK anywhere that is NOT a dictatorship

by Deadly Ernest In reply to David Letterman

after all if they could not take a joke why did they seek employment in the an industry that is the biggest joke in the world. How do you tell you are with a politician that can not be bought? - you are at their funeral.

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