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Dealing with Contradictions from Mgmnt

By SheilaU ·
I'm certain that people have experienced this, and I'm looking for help on dealing without going nuts. I do level 2 support, and on two different days, I received issues that had been escalated without pertinent information. (Both from the same individual). As we had experienced issues with this individual before, I asked our team lead how he wanted it handled. He said I should address it myself as level 2, so I did. The second time it happened, I addressed directly as I was instructed, and I was reprimanded for stepping out of place and trying to do my lead's job. The issues were exactly the same, and missing the same information both times. I'm really getting frustrated because this happens a lot, and I'm starting to get the feeling that the lead wants me gone. Anyone else have an opinion, or suggestions on how to deal without going nuts?

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More information

by James R Linn In reply to Dealing with Contradictio ...

Sounds like a risky situation all around...

But a couple of questions- who reprimanded you - the lead or your boss or boss' boss?

Do you have a formal process for passing calls from one support group to another or from one tech to another?Have you been reprimanded for this before or is this the firsttime its gotten that bad?


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Been there, done this...

by road-dog In reply to Dealing with Contradictio ...

I had a similar "plausable deniability" boss. He was quick to say "handle it" and never assume responsibility for any fallout.

If you are repremanded, then your "transgression" has been outlined in specifics. Be a good, compliant, and helpful employee and send documentation to Management as to how you will handle this problem in the future to prevent further problems...

1) at any such crossroads, you will run the escalate/don't escalate issue by the lead, and expect the trouble report to me annotated as such, with the time of decision.

2) If the lead makes no such decision and will not accept responsibility, then annotate the TT with the time you asked.

3) Should the lead "fail to lead" then you have the reprimand for overstepping bounds to protect you then.

4) If all else fails, find out how many of your co workers have experienced this. If all of you have had similar problems, do steps 1-3 then wait for escalation decision. Watch the queue clog and response times lag,and let the system break.

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lob the ball into his court

by maxwell edison In reply to Dealing with Contradictio ...

If I were to psychoanalyze your team lead, I would say that it sounds as though he is dealing with some self-esteem (insecurity) issues. However, I wouldn't approach this as his/her problem. (Even though it probably is) Instead I'd go to the team lead and admit my confusion on this issue.

"Hey Joe, do you have a minute", I'd ask? "I'm confused about something, and I'm hoping you could help make something clearer for me."

"Why of course, Sheila. I'd be more than happy to help." (Ok, so maybe he wouldn't be so friendly.)

"You know Joe, a couple of weeks ago when such and such happened you instructed me to handle it myself. I was happy to do that and, in fact, I think it went quite well. But just last week when that very same suchand such happened and I handled it myself, you indicated that I should have sent it on to you. What do you want me to do the next time something like that happens? Should I follow your previous instructions or should I check with you each and every time the same issues come up?

"Sheila", he would reply. "You know I have a habit of having my head up my a**. And you know that I'm so unsure of myself that I sometimes forget my own name". (Ok, you’re day dreaming again.)

Who knows what kind of reply you’d get, but gently lob the ball into his court and see what happens. Phrase your inquiry however necessary to best suit the parties involved, but don’t come across as attacking anyone. After all, you’re just asking for a little clarity so that you understand the system a little better.


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Document it and get a policy decision

Put together a document documentating both cases including all details, and send it to whomever is responsible for policy and let them set it. Copy it to your lead and his boss (and your boss as well if different) as well.

Your grounds for this request is to get a firm policy on how this sort of case should be handled.

Do not refer to your lead's inconsistancy in direction. Let them read it in the guidance and actions he has taken.

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This happens a lot

by oaojr In reply to Dealing with Contradictio ...

Speaking as a former team leader, if this happens a lot, then it sounds as though you are part of the problem, not part of the soultion. Sounds as though you are tackling every issue that comes along.
I've had people that will tackle any and every issue. This is not how it works. My job was to determine the best person for a particular task. You just can't have level 2 people addressing level 1 problems.
Your efforts show you are a good employee with the skills needed to get the job done. Your biggest challenge is to become more of a team player. Open communication with your team leader will advance your career faster than tackling every issue that comes along.

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