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    deleting partitions in NT with 98 Start


    by nerdy ·

    I need some help! I am trying to deleted all the partition on my Windows NT computer, I started by deleting the Non Dos, then the logical dos, the extended dos. and that is where i cant go any further. It wont let me delete my extended dos partition because it says logical drives exist. I tried to go back into the logical drives and delete them and it says no logical drives are defined & that all logical drives deleted in the extended DOS partition.
    Can some one please help me!! if you are confused or have any questions email me at
    Thanks in advance!

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      just use this utility

      by zen_q ·

      In reply to deleting partitions in NT with 98 Start

      browse to and then download the version 2.40, extract part.exe and cwsdpmi.exe to your start disk (it must already be bootable), they just weight 86k together, boot, launch part.exe. The interface is easy to use.
      Beware,this program is very powerfull, once you have pressed the F2 key, no turing back!
      yep, a free powerfull partition manager, kudo to Ranish (and it also has a boot manager 🙂 .

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      Frustrating, eh?

      by rickydoo ·

      In reply to deleting partitions in NT with 98 Start

      First time I encountered it, it drove me crazy. Fdisk recognises there’s something there, but can’t really see the NTFS partition. It’s like seeing something out of the corner of your eye, and when you look right at it, it’s gone.
      Partition Magicis the most popular util for getting rid of it, but if you got a disk with your drive (WD, Maxtor etc) it may have a good partition util as well.

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      Believe it or not!

      by hawgfan ·

      In reply to deleting partitions in NT with 98 Start

      A friend of mine recently told me that he is able to delete the NTFS partition by using FDISK on, believe it or not, a DOS 6.22 boot disk.

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        by rickydoo ·

        In reply to Believe it or not!

        Is it worth an hour of digging through a storage locker to verify this? I THINK SO! I’m gonna dig up the 6.22 disks and find out (my working copies are corrupt).

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