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I have a Dell Inspiron E1505 and tonight it just turned off and stopped working. For the past 2 months my battery wont hold a charge and Ive had to have it plugged in to run it. Now, when the adapter is plugged into the wall and not the laptop the little green light stayed on but as soon as I plug it into my laptop it turns on. My warranty has expired and Ive read a lot of different forums. Some say to replace the battery and adapter and others say to replace the motherboard. Can anyone help me please??

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OK this isn't a good sign but with what you have supplied

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Dell problem

It's also not possible to give a definitive answer here.

You need to test the Voltage coming out of the Mains Adapter with a Volt Meter. It needs to be very close to the listed voltage on the Adapter and if it's way more it has most likely damaged the M'Board.

It is also possible that the Mains Adapter has failed and is no longer producing the required current so when you plug it into the NB it goes to a straight Overload condition and shuts down or at least the NB is sucking all of the available power out of the Mains Adapter and the LED is going out.

Or that there is a Dead Short Circuit on the M'Board and this is causing a Overload in the Mains Adapter.

The resolution is to fix the problem and that could involve changing the Mains Adapter, The M'Board or a combination of both. Technically a NB Battery isn't required so you could also remove the battery and see if the NB works now as it is possible that the Battery has gone to a straight Short Circuit condition and this is dragging all of the available power out of the system.

But you should have a working battery in place and try to keep it charged as this is a Filter to absorb Spikes from the Mains which the Mains Adapter can not filter. In a case like this the battery is effectively a large Capacitor and this smooths out the incoming voltage to the NB and prevents Spikes damaging the Electronics of the unit. Within Reason of course. It will for instance not stop a Lighting Strike but the normal Spikes on the Mains will be filtered out.
This is what I would do to test the unit.

Remove the Battery and try to start it off the mains Adapter. If it works now you need to buy a new battery. If it doesn't work try another Mains Adapter in place and see if that cures the problem without the battery fitted. if it does refit the battery and see what happens. If it works now Replace the Mains Adapter.

If it doesn't make any difference replace the M'Board and test with a Known Good Mains Adapter/Battery. Before plugging in the existing Mains Adapter make sure that you haver a good battery fitted and charged it is possible that your Mains Adapter is somehow damaged and you do not want to destroy a new M'Board if you can avoid it.


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