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      Why do they do so well in trade mag surveys?

      by charliespencer ·

      In reply to Dell Takes One Hell of a Blogging

      Dell has consistently ranked ahead of other Intel box builders for quality of product and service in PC Mag and PC World reader surveys for several years. I’m not defending Dell, I’m just wondering why the difference. Do the mags have a broader survey pool versus the smaller but louder number of bloggers?

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        I’ve wondered the same.

        by antuck ·

        In reply to Why do they do so well in trade mag surveys?

        The mags must be doing the survey with someone who hasn’t called into Dell’s tech (no) support. Or the people calling in are dumber then the tech on the phone and any information they get they feel it must be right. Then when the survey comes out they give them a thumbs up.

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        Companies like DELL

        by oz_media ·

        In reply to Why do they do so well in trade mag surveys?

        Many companies, I find US more than Canadian, love Dell due to cost. There simply is no other viable reason to prefer Dell.

        Most shops I have worked in have TRIED Dell, and ended up giving them to staff and replacng them with IBM or Compaq professional workstations. Better hardware, better service, better support staf on the phone.

        Then again if you are to compare retail desktops, they are all pretty much crap, price and warranty are the determining factors. The better products come from teh high end worstations and that’s when price goes through the roof, thus DELL’s remain cheap (not inexpensive but CHEAP)and somehow they convince people to buy them. Bush convinced enough Americans to vote for him that he was elected not once but twice, does this mean he’s the best choice for president?

        In most PC mags, you will find consumer responses/polls, end users buying home boxes or even (this is the scary part) companies buying them. When it comes to the home user, Dell’s are a good choice, not that I’d ever choose one.

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          by jck ·

          In reply to Companies like DELL

          I work for a government entity. And yes, we get Dells because of *price*. I tried to convince my boss that you could hire a PC tech and pay him $13 an hour and build PCs cheaper even with pay and benefits expense. He didn’t believe me. Just like the last two bosses I’ve had.

          I can build the same spect base PC that Dell builds in a different case often with more RAM for about $20-30 less than they do.

          So, I am not impressed with their prices at all. Hence, why I’ve built my own PCs except for one…my laptop.

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        Big Advertising Budget?

        by ozi eagle ·

        In reply to Why do they do so well in trade mag surveys?

        Big Advertising Budget?

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      “HP sucks”

      by absolutely ·

      In reply to Dell Takes One Hell of a Blogging

      The article opens with stats about Google returns for “Dell hell” and “Dell sucks”. Well, “Dell hell” rhymes, so I wouldn’t expect to see as many “HP hell” posts as “Dell Hell”, but “HP sucks” gave me “Results 1 – 10 of about 2,060,000 for HP sucks”. My guess is that if we compare pie charts of the major brands’ market shares, we can easily reconcile their independent, consumer feedback on various web pages with their corporate reports of customer satisfaction. They’d take a beating in sales if they posted untrue or distorted customer satisfaction numbers and were caught at it.

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      “Original article printed in Newsweek”

      by absolutely ·

      In reply to Dell Takes One Hell of a Blogging

      Where the “technology reporter” is the one who knows which PS/2 port is for the kb and which is for the mouse.

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        by oz_media ·

        In reply to “Original article printed in Newsweek”

        I didn’t write it, I posted it. 😀

        I have my own reasons for not liking DELL, it has nothing to do with a blog, just personal and business experience.

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          Right with you, Oz….

          by cp7212 ·

          In reply to Hey

          We received these crappy PCs called the SX280. All USB, no ps/2. It has an optional disk drive. Rumor is, we’ll have to make everything accessible from the network…, fun!!! I’m sure that some of this is from an executive decision and $$$, but they’re still crap for the money.

          If I’m working on one and there is software indigenous to that department on CD, I have to find a PC that still has a CD drive in it and remote to the drive. These units still have the same crappy cooling fans that their older cousins, the SX270 has.

          I checked on the motherboards and they have a life of nine months due to heat issues. Geez, they have the heat sinks rise up flush to the case cover. Well, at least that distributes the heat evenly over all the IC’s.

          Our company just finished replacing about 150 mobos, just at this site alone. I told my manager I’ll be taking a month off when the nine month period rolls around.

          Again, Dell, because all of the other four letter words were taken……

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      by jkaras ·

      In reply to Dell Takes One Hell of a Blogging

      There are some good things I can say and many bad about Dells or any prefab box. The bottom line is profit, not quality. When they first started out they were the little company that could begging for your business, now they are all about turning the dime. I can honestly say their servers are rock solid, no issues yet. Their personal computer solutions blow allying themselves with major brands dishing out sub par parts. We have had bad Maxtor 40 gig drives fail and Asus Boards going back on recall. The hdds failed after 7 months, and the motherboards lost video because the capacitors on the mobo for the vga controllers swelled.

      Was it Dells fault? Only trusing name brands that delivered the worst parts ever seen. Still it’s Dells name so they should have tested them better.

      As for their tech support, all comapnies use a sub par call center that is all about the “hose and close”, same story different company. My first job was a call center that housed Gateway and Dell as well as Jello and Sunbeam grills to name a few. Expectations are always that they are going to have uber geniuses there to help for minimum wage? Wake up people, phone support hasnt changed in years and it isnt about to anytime soon, its not cost effective. Does it suck? yeah do we expect more? yeah but we all know the story. Build your own for yourself, buy prefab for business and roll the dice, and advise for family to buy a prefab so you dont have to work on it all the time or build it proper for them. Personally I would build for my family and friends so they get what they want and deal with the headache when there is a problem.

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        That’s a different market completely

        by oz_media ·

        In reply to Well….

        I know the boxes you are talking about, HP/Compaq (Presario’s and PAvillions), etc.

        When you buy a decent workstation, designed and tested for business use, you also get a much better quality in parts and tremendous service.

        IBM and HP/Compaq both offer 3-5 year onsite warranties where they turn up in 24hrs with new parts no questions asked. The tech support is a completely different center thab the retail support, th etechs are TECHS and they know exactly what to suggest, what to ask and what they are talking about. Usually just telling them you have a bum part will have them send a tech out ASAP.

        I had IBM send techs out to Port Hardy several times, I had my system board replaced because my headphone jack would cut out when you wiggled it, again no questions asked and th every next day.

        You get what you pay for, buy cheap crap and you get cheap crap.

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      Dell deserves it, too

      by av . ·

      In reply to Dell Takes One Hell of a Blogging

      They have the most god-awful support! HP isn’t any better either.

      The main problem is the support. The use of call centers with people that read from scripts and can’t speak English well enough to understand and be understood is just laughable.

      Whatever happened to customer service? I don’t understand why they can’t grasp the idea that those call centers are their face to the public. And what a face that is after reading your article!

      I realize the PC business isn’t as profitable as it once was, but that’s no reason to offer shoddy service. Thanks to the blogosphere, people can voice their concerns about any company and have an impact.

      In spite of it all, everyone still buys Dell PCs. I wouldn’t, but the alternatives are equally scary. Is there any PC company today that offers good customer service? I don’t know.

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